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T-Rex -- The Dinosaur (not the band)

I love classic rock. And, I'd love nothing more than an Electric Warrior album signed by Marc Bolan of T-Rex. Of course, you'd need to use a silver or gold paint pen, as the alum is mostly black (and also raise him from the dead...yeah, typical rock star movie; died in a car crash).

I guess us autograph collectors would rather have that than a fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex. Maybe that's because Bonhams & Butterfields had a starting bid in the millions!

They were hoping… Continue

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Ingmar Bergman items net $900,000

Ingmar Bergman's writing desk and chair would've looked so nice in my office. I don't care about the wine glasses, tea set, or other belongs that sold. But, the Bukowski auction house in Stockholm made almost a million bucks with all the stuff.

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Million Dollar Painting Stolen

If anyone knows who broke into my house and stole the Picasso I had on the wall, I'd like answers.

Okay, now that I got your attention...

The real story is this.

Two armed robbers got a Rene Magritte from a small museum in Brussels. I'm sure more of you know Renee Zellwegger but not Magritte. He's a Belgian surrealist, who did the 1948 "Olympia" oil painting, that was a nude portrait of his wife, Georgette (I'm guessing she would've flipped out if he tried to… Continue

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Early Paul McCartney Writing Found

Well, this would be a lot more fun had it been a song like Scrambled Eggs or something.

But in a Liverpool library, they found something the 10-year-old Paul wrote. It was an essay about the queen. Kevin Roach, a British researcher, said it was ver tidy, in a curling script, on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Sir Paul (well before he was a "sir") won the under-11 age category of the competition, and was awarded a gift certificate for books.

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KISS advertisement

In an Entertainment Weekly I was reading a few days ago, the last page (connected to the actual magazine cover), was a full-page advertisement for M&Ms. It showed the members of the band KISS, but as M&Ms (now, if I was in charge of this ad campaign, I would've made a bunch of M&Ms dangling off of Gene Simmons long tongue...)

I would've also made the stage lights, which spell out KISS in the background, all with yellow M&Ms.

Each member has their stars or… Continue

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Jessica Simpson - Her Doggie Died

I write for a newspaper in San Diego (San Diego Reader, if anyone is in town, pick one up).

I did a blog on their website called "Daisy's Pushing Daisies". It had to do with Jessica Simpson, who had a malti-poo (the same dog I have), being dragged off by a coyote. She put flies up asking for the publics help in finding it.

I think I angered some PETA people and dog lovers, when I said that she'll get the dog back as the "poo" part of maltipoo. Because, once the coyote has… Continue

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What Does Tony Curtis Have in Common w/ Flea?

Well, they're both a bundle of energy. They both lived in L.A.'s the fact that they were both in San Diego recently. And, as my complaint previously regarding Mario Andretti being in town, I didn't know about Flea's appearance. I think he's one of the best bass players in music history, and would've loved to have gotten his autograph.

It was a charity fundraiser in La Jolla, for the Surf Industry Manufacturers' Humanitarian of the Year, which was awarded to Flea,… Continue

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Ryan Seacrest -- Autograph Seeker Attacks His Security!

On TMZ tonight, they did a story about Ryan Seacrest doing some kind of benefit at a childrens hospital.

A man asked for his autograph, and he signed.

Later, Seacrest was walking to his car (not sure if he said "Seacrest out" before leaving). The man approached again, and he somehow got between Seacrest and his car. The security with Ryan asked the guy to move and the guy started choking one security member and throwing punches.

The police were called and the… Continue

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John Lennon Signature Sells for $12,000

I saw a quick blurt on Showbiz Tonight on CNN yesterday...they said a magazine signed by John Lennon sold for $12,000. That's a bit steep for a Lennon signature, but it is the magazine in which he's quoted as saying The Beatles are more popular than Jesus (for those young folks, after Lennon said this, a lot of protests were staged and burning of Beatles albums took place).

Lennon then held a press conference for the idiots of the world, explaining: I never said we were better than… Continue

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The Movie "BIG FAN" and Aaron Eackhart on Tonight Show talks Autographs

I saw a preview of the movie "Big Fan" which stars one of the best stand-up comedians working today -- Patton Oswald. He tones down the funny in this serious role of a sad-sack sports fan.

Since he's a huge fan of the New York Giants, there are a few scenes that talk briefly about autographs. One includes them seeing their favorite player at a gas station (and they follow him to a strip club). One wishes he had a Sharpie. The other suggests they follow him into the bathroom, since… Continue

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Jimmy Kimmel Sells Autographed Rod Blagojevich Chair!

Of all the late night shows, Jimmy Kimmel does more bits relating to autographs. And he's at it again.

Last night, he showed a clip of Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced congressman, on a recent interview. Kimmel joked about him "selling his seat" and then he joked that he'd "sell the seat he was sitting on."

Kimmel showed all the other guests who have recently sat on it...Shaq, Mel Gibson, and "four foxes," which included Michael J. Fox and Megan Fox.

Blagojevich… Continue

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6-Year-Old Boy Gets Souvenir

Little kids are always after autographs from their favorite baseball players. Heck, even us big kids are.

But a 6-year-old at Comerica Park for the Tigers-Blue Jays game Friday, wanted something else. A baseball. And, usually the kids hang on the rails and ask the players warming up for balls. This kid had a better idea.

The 7th inning had ended, and the Tigers were coming onto the field. The boy jumped onto the field and ran to the pitcher's mount. He lost his baseball… Continue

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Stupid Newspapers

I rely on the local papers to give me the scoop on when an author or athlete is doing an autograph signing. And, the Union-Tribune in San Diego, is hit-and-miss.

Yesterday, I was reading the paper that evening, and it said that at Camp Pendleton (the military base 10 miles north of San Diego), that racing legend Mario Andretti would be doing an autograph signing at the opening of a new Firestone auto-care. That started at noon.

He also threw out the first pitch for a… Continue

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Ingmar Bergman Auction

There's an auction happening in Stockholm...but in this day and age of computers, you can view the interest pieces of Ingmar Bergman online, and not by flying over there!

Those items include film cameras, a desk, and Golden Globe awards that belonged to the Swedish film legend.

Bukowskis is the auction house, and they have over 330 Bergman items for sale, include some chess pieces that it's speculated were used in the director's 1957 film "The Seventh Seal" and a 60s… Continue

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15 Minutes of Fame, 15 Weeks of Boxes -- Andy Warhol News.

Andy Warhol had a bunch of cardboard boxes that stored things he collected. I heard there were over 600.

They were opened the other day, and guess what they found? No, no...not a bunch of spoiled Campbell's soups. But, a lot of interesting little items.

One box had $17,000 cash. Another had a naked photo of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis that was autographed. Sure, there was some junk. One box had a piece of crusty wedding cake, another had taxi receipts and fan… Continue

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Fake Moon Rock

So, you just spent a few hundred dollars on an autograph, and wonder if it's real. Sure, there's a letter of authenticity, but so what. You spend your night Googling for other examples of the signature, and they don't seem to match up the way you'd prefer.

Well, this sort of thing happens in all collecting fields.

A perfect example is what went down in Amsterdam recently.

The Dutch national museum had a rock that was supposedly brought back from the moon by U.S.… Continue

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Inglorious Basterds Autograph Scenes

I always try to let people know when I see an autograph scene in a movie or TV show. Just for fun. It's not like it's big time breaking news in any way.

Well...with Inglorious Basterds (or however that is spelled), being the top film at the box office opening weekend (and probably an equally strong second weekend, since it's getting praised reviews and good word of mouth)...which surprises me, as I was very disappointed in the movie.


I found it so… Continue

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Tiny Tim, Big Price

One of my friends, knowing I'm a collector, had sent me this story a month ago. I completely forgot about it, until I saw it listed in the "News of the Weird" section of the San Diego Reader, a paper I write for in San Diego.

Tiny Tim, the crazy 60s' singer of "Tiptoe Thru the Tulips", who played the ukele and looked like a fatter Weird Al Yankovic...oh, and he also got married on the Tonight Show.

Anyway, a Texas accountant named Randy Reeves (I'm not sure how he let his… Continue

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I Cannot Tell a Lie...This Lincoln Autograph is Real!

Back east in Ohio, an expert at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library said a guy in town that found a Lincoln signature at a fleamarket, may have gotten the real deal. And, to top that off, it might be the last signature Lincoln ever did. It was on a program for the theatre at the show he was at the night he was killed.

Okay, I made those last few sentences up just to see if you were paying attention.

This guy bought a bunch of papers in 2006 in South Amherst, 30 miles… Continue

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Tweet an Autograph, and another Upper Decker

I did a blog about Upper Deck being worked over by Major League baseball. Well, they signed a multi-year exclusive deal to produce collegiate sports cards.

The one interesting thing about this for collectors is, getting cards of players before they hit the major leagues, which will now make their card the valuable "rookie" cards that are most valuable.

And this doesn't just mean baseball. Look for Upper Deck to give ya football, basketball, as well as hockey, swimming,… Continue

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