Derek Jeter Forged 1995 Upper Deck Baseball Cards--Where Are These Coming From?

I began noticing these on Ebay approximately six months ago or longer.

I knew immediately they were forgeries and I have no idea who the source is, but some sellers on Ebay seem to have an infinite supply of these.

Evidently, these are coming out of Northern New Jersey.

The reason why the majority of these forgeries look so smooth is because the forger was unable to "enunciate" the signature.

If the forger tried to "enunciate" Derek Jeter's signature, they would have been forced to slow down.

But here's the kicker--not only are they laughable forgeries, the cards are counterfeit.

Look at the below Upper Deck card and look at the "Jeter."

Now look at the "R."

And observe the "Derek."  

The letters go up and down, up and down.....


I'll be posting the names of the sellers who have been listing and selling these in a follow-up blog.

First a side-by-side comparison.

The one on the left is the authentic Derek Jeter autograph on a original UD card and the one on the right is the forged Jeter on a counterfeit card.

Please click on the below image to get a closer view.

Forged Jeter on counterfeit cards.

Observe the "R" on the card in "Jeter."

Check out this.  This is obvious.  Check out the "R" on the card.

This is as obvious as it gets, and the forgery is laughable.

All of them have the UDA "Congratulations....."

More examples of these forged Derek Jeter "1994 Upper Deck" cards.

This is my authentic one.

As a Derek Jeter autograph collector for about 25 years, the above are not Jeter's autograph and they are NOT Jeter's 1994-1995 circa autographs.

I am having two of my friends purchase these cards so I can examine them and identify if they are simply blank masters or if they are reproductions.

Below--The one on the left is authentic and the one on the right is a forgery.

The people buying the forgeries are not purchasing the autograph, they are purchasing the back of the card which reads "Congratulations...."

Sold by one Ebay seller.  You may have to click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.  These are all forgeries.

This is another authentic example.

This is another authentic example.

This is what the buyers are purchasing.

These forged Derek Jeter cards were sold by one seller.

This is another forgery variation.

You can click on the below image to get a closer view.

Now check this out on one of the forged cards.

Check out the "R" in Jeter.

Our member BC discovered this!!!

I first spotted these last year from Ebay seller Tntnorthnj.

This one sold for $176.50 from Ebay seller Tntnorthnj from January 2019.

Again, look at the "R" card.  It is a no-brainer forgery, but look at the "R" on the card.  Same as all of the others with the Derek Jeter forgeries.

Below are screenshots of Ebay "Sold Auctions" of Derek Jeter forgeries on the counterfeit cards.   You can click the image to get a closer look at the images.


Please note that I will be contacting Upper Deck about this tomorrow.

I will have more information on this in the future.

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Comment by Christopher Williams on March 14, 2019 at 4:37pm

Check out the below Sold Auctions of Sandy Koufax autographs from the Upper Deck "2000 SP" product.  Look at some of the autographs and look who the sellers are....same sellers who sold the Jeter forgeries.

Solid links.

Comment by Christopher Williams on Friday

On the HOF website.

Click the image to get a closer view.

Comment by PFCollector on Friday

Makes you wonder how many other cards are being faked if these are being professionally printed with holograms and foils. Crazy. Good find!

I also wonder if any of these have passed PSA or BGS yet and made it into slabs. I know that has happened with other counterfeit autograph cards in the past. 

Comment by Christopher Williams on Friday

PFCollector, looks like there are other cards (Koufax, Mays, etc).

I think I mentioned that in a previous comment.

I have yet to observe any of those Jeter forged cards authenticated by Beckett, JSA or PSA.

Comment by PFCollector on Saturday

Whoops, I must have missed that. I remember reading a few years ago, about that happening with Norman Reedus signed Walking Dead Season 1 cards. Someone made fakes and was selling them, and some made it through Beckett if I remember correctly. There were a few other non sports cards as well. But I guess if someone can make a realistic fake Rolex with hundreds of parts (amongst many other complicated  counterfeit items), they can probably much easier make a piece of printed cardboard.

Good to hear none have passed grading so far... that we know of at least. I wonder if it's worth emailing Beckett or PSA or if they even care.

Comment by BC on Saturday

Pretty bad that they have made it to the HOF site.

These cards may be professionally printed, but whatever method they are using to cut them isn't good. A lot of worn edges for newly manufactured cards.

Comment by PFCollector on Saturday

I noticed the edge on that Koufax looked like someone chewed through it to cut it. 

Comment by Steve Zarelli on Saturday

PF Collector wrote: Good to hear none have passed grading so far... that we know of at least. I wonder if it's worth emailing Beckett or PSA...

I know that Beckett, JSA and SGC are aware and on alert. I do not know about PSA.

Comment by Christopher Williams on Saturday

Here is my authentic Derek Jeter autographed 1995 Upper Deck card.

Comment by terrier8HOF on Saturday

that is one sweet card and autograph, Chris. And the differences between this and the forgeries are very obvious, not just with the signature.


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