Hollywood Stuff -- Autographs from Joker, Spike Lee, and Springsteen

A few random Hollywood autograph stories I thought I’d throw into one blog.

First, the new Joker movie (which was surprisingly disappointing. My review here: https://fox5sandiego.com/2019/10/02/joker/ ). 

There was a great autograph scene in it, though. Sort of. When the Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) approaches billionaire Thomas Wayne (father of Bruce Wayne/Batman) in a bathroom, after sneaking into a ritzy theatre dressed as a bellhop...the man is at the urinal. He turns around and snaps, “What do you want?” And as he zips up his pants and walks to the sink, says, “Did you want an autograph or something?”

Now, I’ve been telling you guys you should watch TMZ. I know it’s Hollywood gossip, but they get so much footage of stars signing autographs. And the writers have some funny lines. The last one they did showed Bruce Springsteen coming out of a building. There were about 25 autograph collectors/dealers standing outside. They started singing Happy Birthday to him. He smiled and raised his hands up. He signed autographs for everyone. One person had the “Born in the USA” album. Others had photos. The TMZ reporter asked what he thought of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira being the half-time show at the Super Bowl. He said they’d be great. But really, what else is he going to say?

Now, I have a love/hate relationship with Spike Lee. Okay, it’s mostly hate. I like some of his movies, but most aren’t very good. And I found his behavior deplorable at the Oscars, when he stormed out when Green Book won for “best picture” (his disappointing movie Blackkklansman, had already won “best screenplay” so I’m not sure what his problem was). I met him outside a theatre in New York, and he couldn’t have been more rude. We were at a mutual friends play (Passing Strange, done by Stew...the best songwriter nobody knows). Yet this story involving Lee did warm my heart, because I like when people can appreciate memorabilia.

He’s a huge fan of the New York Knicks, and he has a collection of items from that team. He bought 13 more items at a recently auction, from the family of late Knicks coach Red Holzman. SCP Auctions sold 35 items (that netted almost $320,000). Lee was able to get the used net from the Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, which the Knicks won. Holzman was also the “coach of the year.” I’m guessing the net was cut down by the coach, too.

Lee paid almost $70,000 for the net, and over $30,000 for the “coach of the year” trophy.

Not only is Lee a huge fan of the team, he was at that game at Madison Square Garden as a 13-year-old. He talks about it being a great memory, and for those that know sports history...that’s when their center Willis Reed was hurt and couldn’t play, but he tried to come out limping. He scored the first 4 points of the game, which made the crowd erupt. That was enough to inspire the team, which went on to beat the Lakers. 

One thing Lee didn’t get was Holzman’s championship ring. Perhaps that was out of his price range. It went for $107,482.

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Comment by John Michael on Wednesday

The Favourite was the best film last year and got robbed, but I know too many people were turned off as they saw it as a “period piece” and didn’t like the lesbian love triangle. Green Book was the “safe bet” and the fact Spike got a repeat for Best Picture made my day despite being his best film since Do The Right Thing 

Comment by Josh Board on Wednesday

I didn't mind the lesbian love triangle, just that the humor didn't work. And Favourite had a lot of other flaws.

Comment by BC on Thursday

John Michael, You're right about Spike being racist and it is very much known. Yet, he gets away with it and calls everyone else racist. Then there is Jordan Peele, who I mentioned as being like Spike, he said he won't have a white person as the lead character in his movies. Yet, that isn't called racist either. Another pass. Don't support these guys at the box office.

Comment by John Michael on Thursday

I don’t think that’s a problem with Spike Lee. Most people, including his target audience, don’t go see his movies. On the other hand with Jordan as a comedian I like him and understand why he promotes that, but it’s definitely interesting how he gets a pass with seen some of the stuff he does regarding race where as other filmmakers would get immediately ostracized for doing the exact same thing.  As a comedian I really respect Jordan and wish him continued success since he is fairly cool to everyone.

Comment by Josh Board on Thursday

I don't fault Jordan for wanting a lead actor that's black. There's nothing wrong with him wanting to promote more African-Americans in lead roles, that aren't named Morgan Freeman and Denzel. Spike is just nuts with it, and is flat out racist and rude to people. Now...I just wish Jordan would do more comedy. I loved his show, and LOVED his movie "Keanu." His two horror movies...were okay, but highly overrated.

Comment by BC on Thursday

Josh, you're right, but flat out saying you won't cast a white male lead isn't right.  For that, I can't respect him or want to wish him luck. I guess I can appreciate his honestly about it, but he got zero push back for that comment. The good old double standard. Reverse roles and the person would be blackballed from Hollywood.


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