" DOES IT HAVE AUTHENTICATION? " - How would you answer?

Like many of us, I do some selling on eBay (mostly to help finance my own collecting).  This was the question I was asked  by a member this morning who says they are interested in one of my offerings:

"Does It Have Authentication?"

This particular piece has no third party authentication but I have no doubt whatsoever that it's real after study and comparison to exemplars as well as running it past a dealer friend.

How do you (or would you) answer this question about authenticity for a potential buyer if you don't have a TPA letter?

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Comment by Eric Keith Longo on Friday

Yup, I think Dr. Brucato does that as well as others re consignments.

Comment by Eric Keith Longo on Friday

And newer collectors, far more used to keyboard typing, will be less armed with the possibilities of pen and paper let alone fountain. The hobby is changing and I'm getting older!

Comment by Etienne on Friday

You are dating yourself.  Those newer collectors are not even used to keyboard typing.  They follow prompts on a 5 inch phone screen as they are exploring the world of a collecting authentication stickers and certificates.

Comment by Eric Keith Longo on Friday

That's true.

Comment by Josh Board on Saturday

It was fun to read this thread because...I'm in my 50s now, and when I was a kid, I collected basketball cards religiously. I have a collection worth an awful lot. So, upon selling my rookie cards of Bill Russell and every other Hall of Famer I had, I found something out the hard way. NOBODY will buy cards that aren't "graded." Uh, okay. I look into that -- $150 for PSA to grade them. And they're backlogged, so it's a year or so wait. The more I researched why, I realized...people could easily reproduce a card to make it look like a Topps card from the '60s or whatever. Or my unopened packs of '61 Fleer basketball cards (with a Wilt Chamberlain rookie card that is worth $350,000 in mint 10 condition), they need to be graded so somebody doesn't think I opened it and put common players in there. (boxer Jake Paul recently got burned paying $3.5 mil for Pokemon cards unopened in a box, that had G.I. Joe cards instead). It's all so bizarre.


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