Ebay Seller Mommy-0 Lists Forged Babe Ruth Baseball

You have to check out the below laughable forged Babe Ruth baseball listed by Ebay seller Mommy-0.

Yes, there are actually people bidding on this laughable garbage.

As of this moment, the bidding is up to $250.00.

According to Ebay seller Mommy-0, Grandpa had it in his storage locker after he died .he always talked about meeting babe. Didnt realize he was serious. Lost graded papers.

Interesting that they lost the "grading papers" but they know the cert numbers.

This once again proves how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay.

Oh yes, speaking of cert numbers, Ebay seller Mommy-0 claims that both Beckett and JSA certed this "Babe Ruth."


The JSA cert number is Y09672.  Below is a screenshot of the cert number.  

You can click your mouse on the image to get a closer view.

It reads Brooklyn Dodgers Team Signed Baseball.

Their Beckett cert number is AB39788.

Anyone who pays any amount of money for this garbage deserves to get ripped off.

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Comment by Rick Meyer on Saturday

I think if you dumb enough to fall for this story and buy this ball then you dont deserve to keep your own money. Money would be safer in somebody else's hands.

Comment by Steve on Saturday

Another genius!  Probably signed in black sharpie, seeing how they were so readily available in the 1920’s

Comment by Christopher Williams on Saturday

Genius is spot on, Steve.  And yet bidding is up to $255.00 for this crap.

Comment by Christopher Williams on Saturday

Agreed, Rick.  I have zero sympathy for the person who gets ripped off buying this crap.

Comment by terrier8HOF on Sunday

it was mercifully removed from ebay

Comment by Christopher Williams on Sunday

Thank goodness, Terrier.

Comment by Steve on Sunday

Another win for the good guys!


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