We’ve all gotten cool stuff in our mail box. But four weeks ago, auctioneer Andy Stowe saw something sticking out of his mailbox at his office in Bristol, England. It was a large envelope with a pair of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous, gold-rimmed, round glasses. There was a note saying they were Gandhi’s, and a gift from the guy’s uncle. He said if they aren’t worth anything, they could just toss them.

Stowe called the guy, who was 80, and was told the story about how they were acquired. His uncle was working in South Africa for British Petroleum and was stationed in South Africa, and Gandhi was employed there.

A bit of research was done and the story checked out. And, the glasses being worth money seemed to check out as well. They’re expected to fetch over $20,000. Now, I’d personally prefer the round John Lennon glasses, but I’d take these.

The man couldn’t believe how much his glasses might get at an auction, but then...he remembers a time when everything was a nickel. 

Now, if you have a million nickels and want to buy these specs...they’ll be auctioned on August 21st.

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Comment by Joe W. on August 11, 2020 at 4:51am

Gandhi and I have something in common. Neither one of us could remember where we left our glasses! Some of the best discoveries are right under our nose.

Comment by Josh Board on August 11, 2020 at 7:05am

Well played, Joe!


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