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At 2:42pm on December 6, 2016, Eric K Longo said…

Hi Nicholas,

You wrote that the seller said "Basically he says the auctions would never give details to anyone.  They never do it, it's against policy." 

And, "That's just how it is they have rules, you never know the lady may have died & it may be her children who consigned it.  It could have been found in her belongings, there are a thousand reasons why  it may have been put there; we  will never know."

Is he even answering the question you asked? Why can't you even know which auction house it was? How(why) is seller "protecting himself" as you say he said, by refusing to say even what auction house it was from?

At 2:06pm on December 6, 2016, Eric K Longo said…
At 1:56pm on December 6, 2016, Eric K Longo said…

Hi Nicholas,

It still concerns me that the addresses and info on those photocopied auction "proof" papers was crossed out in ink by the seller. That prevents you from easily confirming the signature was connected to the copy auction papers. He won't even tell you what auction house? And the exorbitant fee he was saying you'd have to pay to return - $180 to send a slip of paper to the UK? I do not often listen to everything sellers say, but some thing stick out. You could ask the room about his behavior. You said you thought he was trying to rip your brother off. I suspect for many collectors, this would be enough to warrant a return of most anything. His behavior seems very unusual to me. I'd like to know why. I would post this information in your Jones thread and see what other collectors think - ask how they might react to such information.

At 2:03pm on November 29, 2016, Martin Burton said…


I have just joined the site after looking on line about the creator  of WikiLeaks Jillian Assuage.. I discovered a signed photo by Julian  that  sold on Ebay  for  5000$

I have a personal  letter from in 2013 in which he talks about spreading the message about his incarceration within the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

My involvement with the case cost me my legal career and the reason why I left England for Spain.

I always said I wound never sell this item but realizing just how rare something like this is and the fact I want to get my wife some private medical treatment has got me thinking.

I have spoken to Julian and explained why I wound do this and got his ok .

Now that Trump has the reigns of power in the US I would expect  him to call the dogs off a..shortly.

Can you advise  ?



At 6:40am on July 29, 2016, Eric K Longo said…

Hi  Nicholas,

I mean the search engine right here at AML :)

Try it with the name you mentioned.


At 3:13pm on July 27, 2016, Eric K Longo said…


Remember I suggested running any/all names through the search engine here and at Google?


At 3:35pm on July 5, 2016, Eric K Longo said…

Have not seen you here Nick.


At 11:29pm on June 17, 2016, Eric K Longo said…

Hi Nicholas,

 I saw your comment - 52 years old is your oldest. Which autograph is that? I would have to think about my answer - offhand I know my signed log from Mauritania's Captain is 1906...signed Nelson Dawson lithograph earliest photographs are signed 1906 so that's probably about it. I think...


At 10:53am on June 7, 2016, Eric K Longo said…

Hi Nicholas,

You don't say - which seller?

PS - Take down the Bowie forgery & any others Might confuse people.


At 10:25am on June 6, 2016, Eric K Longo said…

Nicholas, what are you talking about?


At 5:23am on June 1, 2016, ArteXtrema said…

Hi Nicholas, Can you reveal some of your treasures????


Best wishes


At 4:37pm on May 31, 2016, ArteXtrema said…

Hi Nicholas, 

Nice question...

I´m collecting autographs from singers/Performers/Actors from different eras as :

(Part of the collection that actually have)  

Amy Winehouse, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Cindy Lauper, Grace Jones, marlene Dietrich, Liza Minnelli, Montserrat Caballé, Whitney Houston, Joe cocker etc...

Those autographs will be part on an exposition, featuring my musical play (The play i wrote) and hope to see in stage in 2017.

Still, i´m looking for 7 autographs that i would like to have in my exposition, to close the set,

And what about you? 


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