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Ok. I know there are a lot of experts on this site. The question is do you think is authentic? What do you think the real market value is?

Last time I did a post I'm proud to say 100% of the responses were correct.

Good luck and I look forward to what the smart people think.

Here is the link

If link doesn't work go to ebay and type in 151168990620
Auction did close. Hint: look at ALL the pictures.

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Thanks. I hope to someday find a Babe Ruth ball that the groups says is authentic and yet affordable. If anyone finds one, please post. Back on the hunt.
So this is the first I have seen with dates. Seller doesn't know story of ball and has a very high reserve to see what ball is valued at.
Do you think autograph is authentic and what do you think value is?

"Seller doesn't know story of ball and has a very high reserve to see what ball is valued at.
Do you think autograph is authentic and what do you think value is?"

correct link:

Before even addressing the signature, the ball needs to be considered because there appears to be at least a two year anachronism to this piece.

To the best of my knowledge, the Spalding Star 6-H was not manufactured prior to 1930. I did look but cannot reference this info online.

As the seller correctly pointed out, Babe signed in quotes ("Babe") is a feature of pre-1928 signatures.

If someone can confirm that this is a 1930's only baseball, then chances favor it being faux.


I knew I could count on you. Are there any authentic signed Ruth balls that I could buy?

Genuine? Like I said, by my estimate, based on what I've seen, at least 19 out of every 20 are faux. Maybe 75% of that 95% are the byproduct of pure fraud, and the rest signed in the day, but by proxy, not by Ruth's hand, and not for profit, just demand by fans.

As many as Babe signed, because the genuine ones have become so diluted by fakes, a real one is far more rare than most imagine.


William do you have or know where I can buy an authentic Babe Ruth auto ball?

They do turn up. Just have to keep looking. Looking for pieces already authenticated by a top company like PSA and JSA will improve your odds, but it's simply not a sure thing.

Ok. Please share with me what you think of this one, authentic? Value?

Babe Ruth And Lou Gherig Dual Autographed Baseball !

I personally don't like the Ruth but I looked the certification # up on the JSA web site and it is legitimate. Spence had the ball in hand so I would trust his opinion over mine.

It is worth a lot more than it sold for. I would say $5000 or so. I recognize who bought the ball and he is also very knowledgeable of Ruth and Gehrig and obviously had two higher ceiling bids to protect his interest in the ball.

It will likely show up in an auction house over the coming months.

Wow. Thanks for the info. Appreciate your insight.



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