May sound like a daft question, granted, but how do you properly care for autographs? I recently had them stored in adhesive folders, but was told it wasn't a good idea.

Now I have taken them out of my adhesive folders and stored them in polypropylene pockets which are loose pockets inside a box file.

What worries me is that the box file could be acidic. What does anyone suggest the proper materials I should buy, if necessary? I currently live in UK.



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Acid free is key always double check that! No sun exposure if you frame anything acid free matting and UV protected glass. A binder works well for photos but make sure you store in climate controlled environment hope helps a little bit sure others will lend suggestions. You can also find 8x10 hard sleeves they are like the sleeves you put baseball cards in for your photos they are good protection and would hold up well in a box

How much is UV protective glass as I hear it can be quite expensive?

It is expensive but you can get something called conservation glass which is like 99% uv proof its just as good and cheaper

For photographs, cards, posters, etc.  toploaders (the hard plastic sleeves) are great for storage and care purposes.  You can get them from many places but is one of the manufacturers and sell in bulk.  


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