Hi guys,

I am looking to submit this to Roger Epperson however I wanted to check with you guys first. AIC have been my favourite band for years and I've decided to get some memorabilia, however I am new to their autos. Comparing this to others they seem to mostly match, but as mentioned I am new to them.

Can i please ask for opinions on this piece for all signatures, with special emphasis on Layne and Mike? If it's legit it could be a holy grail for me of sorts... one thing that makes me nervous is the seller has several AIC items signed that he is selling when legit items are rare, including 2 other posters and a CD of the original line up and a photo of the new line up. I have tried contacting him to ask for details of the signing but i believe the seller has the contact feature disabled as eBay won't allow me to contact this seller, saying they are unable to respond.

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This signed poster must be a hot little item out of all the Aic graphs around this is the one people keep posting. 

Nice profile pic Paul! I'm in NSW too.

Can I ask where else this poster was questioned here? I did a search before posting this and saw nothing on this particular one.

Find a better set is my opinion.

This one has been around for awhile. I know a little about AIC autographs ( i have a few) but I'm no expert. Layne's differs so much over the few years he was signing stuff. Anyway I think all of this seller's signed Alice pieces are genuine. They are all consistent with other autographs of the same period.  This one i know is going for nearly $1800 which I think is a lot of money to pay for the original 4. They're rare no doubt and there are few on the market. It's a nice poster with pretty clear signatures for something that's some 25 years old.

Thanks VonHammer. Please contact me if you would consider selling any of your pieces. Even if you're not interested, out of interest what do you have signed?

Did you submit it to epperson?

What about if he fails it?

no net yet Paul. Still deciding if I would even trust it if Epperson gives it the thumbs up...

It's mainly Layne. He has a somewhat 'easy' signature to forge. I would only buy from someone really trustworthy, has a good rep. Still looking into the seller of that signed poster.

Look elsewhere than.if your after a good rep!

Yeah I am going to

Mates of mine had stuff signed in Sydney years ago.



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