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You'll find lots to love at Autograph Live. Launched in 2009, autograph collectors and experts worldwide share tips, experience, news, and most of all, help protect each other against buying forgeries. 

Post links or photos of autographs you're considering and get authenticity opinions before you buy. Find out what a fair price to pay is, too. Ask about dealers, auction houses, eBay sellers, and autograph authenticators to get an idea of how dependable they are. Share your expertise in areas you know well to help other members.

Reputable Advertisers
We carefully screen potential advertisers and only allow ones we that are reputable and care about their customers. You still want to follow the rules of safe collecting, but you'll find that are advertisers are among the most reputable in the industry.

If you love autographs, you'll love Autograph Live.

Address & Contact Information:

Steve Cyrkin
Autograph Live
PO Box 12843
Newport Beach, CA 92658
Ph. 310.995.9338

Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager

Advertising & Marketing:
Advertising is only available for reputable dealers who pass our screening process. We offer website advertising, as well as advertising in our email newsletter, Real Autograph News. We also offer exclusive auction emails in Autograph's Auction News

Email Steve for more information.

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