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Autograph Collecting, Selfies, Social Media and the Generational Gap

After seeing the discussions on this site regarding autographs versus selfies, as well as observing fan groups based both on autographs and celebrity photo ops, I'm prompted to ask revisit the question of whether autographs represent the best celebrity-related souvenir. 

I myself am of an age right at the crossroads of Gen-Xers and Millennials. Fittingly, I tend to see both sides of this. People older than me tend to gravitate toward autographs while people in their teens and twenties…


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A COA is worthless . . . except when it's not

One of the most complex things to explain to newer autograph collectors is to explain what a certificate of authenticity (COA) is what what value it holds. The problem lies in explaining what a COA is and what it is not. At their best, for the most part, a COA is the hobby equivalent of the TSA in that is presents an illusion of security. The first thing that must be clarified is that a COA is not a legal document, regardless of its wording. Novice collectors tend to fall victim to the…


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How To Make The Most of Autograph Live: Insight for New Members

I notice that while there are often beginner collectors looking for advice on specific autographs or tips on starting out in the hobby in general, one thing that seems to be overlooked in the "Autographs 101" department is how this website functions. By that, I mean that new users come to this website without a basic understanding of this hobby and what to expect from this website, and sometimes they walk away (for good) frustrated because their venture into…


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It just occurred to me that I don't believe I've posted this here yet, but Mark Baker, one of our forum members, is a major U2 fan who has met the band members on multiple occasions.  This documentary is about him, and includes stories about his autograph endeavors among his other experiences as a fan, primarily on the 360 Tour.

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Ebay Forgery Seller Guide: What to do when you've been caught‏

So, you're selling the Beatles fully signed pick guard you picked up on Ebay in 2004. It was $64 when you bought it, and now you realize you can easily sell it for $37,000.

But look out! Someone on the AML website is declaring that your item is fake! Well, not to fear. You know you have your bases covered, because you have a COA straight from the now out-of-business baseball card store in Florida you bought it from.

Take a deep breath and follow these steps. We'll get… Continue

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Ebay Listing Trends That Make Me Nauseous

Anyone ever have any pet peeves about the way sellers list items on Ebay?  Whether they're red flags for forgeries or just all around annoying quirks, here are the things I can't stand to see in any Ebay auction:

1) "Guaranteed to pass PSA/JSA or any third party authentication."

I don't even know where to begin on this one.  From a personal standpoint, I don't have a particularly high amount of respect for any for the TPA's, so that assertion is inherently…


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