This item is coming up for auction soon. What do you guys think about the signature? Who is the best guy on here for Babe Ruth? I generally don't collect a lot of baseball items. Thanks

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I'm also interested in what you think the value would be.

I personally don't like it but it could be authentic as Ruth is still pretty hard for me after years of studying his autograph. He has many versions over his 35 years or so of signing. I don't try to analyze letter by letter but go with the overall look of the autograph. I have seen no known authentic exemplars that would match this one but again I don't have an extensive library of Ruth exemplars.

I occasionally see authenticated examples by both PSA/DNA and JSA that I can't believe are authentic but I have to defer to their experience in these instances.

Where is it going to be sold at auction? Does it have a legitimate 3rd party LOA? 

As to value if authentic, the medium is not great and it is a pencil signature. I would say around $2000 retail would be about right if authenticated by JSA or PSA/DNA.

I went to view it in person today. The seller did get a PSA cert on it. I'm thinking about $2,000 is the value as well. It is signed on a 1936 KY Derby program page so that is kind of cool. Too bad he signed it upside down.



I agree. Having the PSA/DNA LOA helps the legitimacy and value but I still think $2K is a reasonable price. The good thing about a pencil signature is that it won't fade over the years which fountain pen signatures are likely to do.

I agree with the $2000 assessment...there was a piece I was interested in the beginning of the year, signed in pencil (with SGC authentication) ended up going up to about $2200 or 2400 i think(before buyers premium), so i didn't buy it.

the person who was involved in the discussion (William Farrell) is no longer on the site, so it looks like i had a conversation with myself...LOL, but you can make it out...

Strange looking signature.



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