Hi.  My friend who works as a doorman on the Upper-east side of Manhattan in Jeter's apartment building suite gave me batting practice/pre-game clothing apparently worn by Derek Jeter given to him by the man himself.  He's been working there for thirty two years and does many favors for residents of the building such as fetching packages and keeping media away from any celebrities and "the norm" as well.  He gave it to me knowing I am a avid Yankee fan and I was very surprised and excited about this gift.  I became naturally skeptical that such a huge icon as Derek Jeter actually wore this clothing and because the fact I wasn't there to see Jeter give it to my pal. Upon examination, this shirt is very convincing because it appears that it is not available as fan apparel and the actual item doesn't have any serial numbers, which could mark it as authentic game apparel.  Another interesting thing is that on the tag where it would normally say size/materials it has the number "2" in black permanent marker that is sort of faded but is clear if you look hard enough.  I'm not really frantic as I've known my friend for years and would be really really surprised if he would go to such an extent to lie.  However, I've been trying effortlessly to get the thing authenticated to ease my skepticism but both PSA/DNA and JSA don't authenticate game used jerseys/shirts.  I would like to know if anyone knows a reputable place where I could send this piece to get authenticated if possible.  I would be delighted to post the pictures of the articles on this thread but I really have no idea how to ( not computer savy) and would also like to know how to do that as well.   Thanks f0r all of your time. -Mike

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Try them, they authenticate game used stuff and are best in the business

Thanks I will!




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