I would like to find a legitimate JK Rowling signed movie poster for my daughter.  I don't so much care about the cast signing it, but if so that's great.  I've found several that I'm convinced must be fake based on the look of the seller and the asking price.  The only thing I've found even remotely authentic looking is this:


Even my untrained eye can see that signature is not like others I've seen, and a two minute google search put up plenty of red flags on the seller. 

Any advice on how I go about finding a poster like this.  My research has found several posters sold over the years with her signature, but nothing current.  She seems sign a lot more books than posters, which makes sense.




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Those signatures are not authentic IMO - you can find more thoughts on that source on the website here. 

As for Rowling on a poster, I remember seeing maybe one or two examples over the years - it’s simply very rare. Your best bet for a Rowling signature is a signed book, and many come with great provenance. If you’re dead set on a poster, finding a nice page or card signed by Rowling and having it incorporated into a custom piece with an unsigned poster may be worthwhile. 

I agree, the poster is a forgery.  This is a case where you will have to compromise, unless somebody puts something real, and amazing, out there. (could happen, but unlikely)

Even a Rowling signed photo is extremely hard to come by.  (and even fewer are larger than 5x7)  Yes, she has signed loads of books.  Signed copies of her book The Casual Vacancy with her provided authentication hologram are probably the least expensive way of getting her signature.   I've seen many of those signed pages cut out and incorporated into displays.

Interesting idea on the page or card and incorporating it into a poster.  Hadn't considered that option.  Thanks for the advice!




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