Hi guys, first time poster.
        Im Pete from upstate NY and just now going to get into baseball autograph collecting. I have the great opportunity in starting this because of my location near Cooperstown NY.I am planning on attending the HOF weekend and would like to start my collection then. Now, I do not have an unlimited budget, but would like peoples opinion on which players may be good to start with. Im guessing that based on players age and health (ability to get future signings) would be a big factor. I would like to post the names of signers and would love if people would chime in on their opinion of who the begin with. I have purchased Official Major League Baseballs and have also purchased blue ball point pens and UV protection ball qubes. If you would/could post your top 10 in the order in which you would get them. Here is a list...in NO specific order.

Rod Carew
Al Kaline
John Smoltz
Mike Piazza
Wade Boggs  (also, available in Saratoga Springs in September)
Orlando Cepeda
Craig Biggio
Andre Dawson
Dennis Eckersely
Jim Rice
Brooks Robinson
Bruce Sutter
Ozzie Smith
Ryne Sandberg
Eddie Murray
Doc Gooden
Robin Yount
Tom Glavine
Frank Thomas
Tony LaRussa
Barry Larkin
Jim Leyritz
Roberto Alomar
Johnny Bench
Billy Williams
Dave Winfield
Whitey Herzog
Rickey Henderson
Fergie Jenkins
Gaylord Perry
Juan Marichal
Rollie Fingers
Pete Rose
Joe Morgan
Tony Perez

My purpose of starting my collection would be to have them worth something to leave for my daughter. I know they wont be worth anything near a Ty Cobb or a Babe Ruth, but you have to start some where...lol  Thanks for anyones input and ideas.

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Not sure where you are upstate I am on Long Island and have done the Cooperstown shows a few times with my wife many years ago and it was a blast. Most players very friendly accomdating reasonable prices and they made it a lot of fun. I love having the memory of shaking their hands talking to them pictures etc. now though it is so expensive with auto fee then inscription fee photo fee etc they have taken away a lot the fun making it a small fortune. If you want a good chunk of autographs baseball football etc the weschester national is in the middle of August and there is a Long Island national as well. A lot of signers at both. I know from Albany (I went to Siena) it is about 2 hours to the show. again as stated you can get a lot of them cheaper elsewhere so it is not so much about investing in signatures but collecting. At least for me. Love having my kids into it especially on the hockey side. They are hooked!
Hi Ryan, thank you for your input. I am in Fonda, about 35 miles west of Albany...so Cooperstown is only about a 49 minute drive for me. a trip to your area would be nothing for me. (Have driven across the country a half dozen times...lol) Would definitely be interested in the shows down in your area. I love collectiing autographed stuff. I am mainly into football but have recently become more interested in baseball. Avid Mets fan, (I know, why?...lol)
Hi Pete,

If you at into ootball and baseball autos then the show coming up is for you HOF'ers from both! Go to nyshows.org and select east coast national then August auto guests for a list. Has to be about 50 players and even actors from major league. I probably am going hopefully for both days depends on if the wife agrees lol. Maybe see you there.

Rod Carew recently dodged a health issue. I would place him as #1 on my list. Try to find an "era appropriate" ball for him to sign. Having his sig on a  modern-day ball takes a bit of the shine away. These older balls are around - somewhat pricey - but still available. The other sigs are strictly whatever your budget can handle and whatever players you are most interested in - childhood memories, hometown heroes, All-stars, etc.

I agree with others. There is little, if any, investment value in any of these sigs. I shudder to remember the day when I got my 1st Mickey Mantle for $25. Why didn't I take a case of baseballs with me???

Those days are long gone. Good luck!

Chuck, back when Mickey was signing for $25, it took you 2-3 days to earn that amount. That is why you didn't have a case of baseballs with you.

Pete, the folks on here have given you some good advice. Decide whether this is an "investment" or a "collection". If it is a collection, get the players you like off of that list. If you are near any minor league parks, buy the appropriate league balls off of Ebay and go to a game. Both teams will have prospects that may turn out to be the next Aaron Judge. Having Michael Jordan play for the nearby Barons in 1994 was a great way to get me (and my son) started.

Hi Taylor, thank you for your input.....it is greatly appreciated. First and foremost, I would consider myself a collector. I have a "finished" basement (mancave) with a bar and projection big screen. I have a bunch of autographed things from football players and celebrities. I use to attend an autograph show in New Jersey (chiller theater) where they would have tons of celebrities....so I would collect my favorite celebs.
(Batman /Robin..Barbara Eden..Henry Winkler. ..etc.) So, I guess I'm a collector at heart. My thought process for the baseballs was to collect them for my personal enjoyment, yet 50 years from now, when I am gone, they would carry some value for my daughter.....guess I want my cake and eat it to....lol. I think I will collect the players I like...and maybe invest in a Mantle/Mays/Williams/Dimaggio. ..etc. Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.




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