Just curious what you folks thought or knew about these items. Thank you!

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Photos are all bad, especially the Time Life. While I am probably the biggest fan of Buggs around, sadly that Mantle signature is PATHETIC as well

The 2 balls I have seen in this thread are authentic, and all of the photos are junk fakes. Did you really say your Bugs Bunny compared to the authentic one? LOLOLOL. 

No, I didn't actually. I asked HOW it compared to another Bugs/Mantle on eBay that said 'Certified' just like mine, then I left a link to it. I know mine is fake. I said I didn't want to seem defensive or snarky, it was just a question that later got answered. At first glance there's just a flatter "M" in the last name, but you all have better trained eyes as of now. Good luck with the reading comprehension thing also. No need to make me look like an amateur; I already admitted as much. Maybe next time just one "Lol", but in lower case? Haha

That freaking sucks that there's so many of those fakes. Is it just a Mantle thing?

It is not just a Mantle thing... any athlete/celeb whose autograph is in strong demand will have scumbags pumping out forgeries for easy money. 

Just from about a week of looking through signatures and all these baseballs I have, I am beginning to notice certain things that you guys look for to spot fakes. Location, ink, consistency, age etc...Thank you to all. I can see the difference with mine and fake balls. One more question, is it worth getting them certified? I don't live too far from the JSA Ft. Lauderdale office.

IMHO, it is foolhardy to get a JSA approval for 75-100 ea. You are beginning to do the work yourself, which is GREAT. It's my bet that in 1 month, you can do just as well as those guys. You could throw a 100$ bill in the fireplace if you want, but why not just save it instead? Good Luck!

Haha thanks. As far as buyers and eBayers are concerned...it should make no difference to someone like you who knows what's real or not? In other words if someone wants to buy a ball and they know it's real, they aren't less likely to purchase from me because I didn't go through certification? Also, I thought balls were like 10 or 20 bucks to authenticate, 75-100 is steep!

knowledgable collectors pay no attention to whether or not the ball is certified.

THAT'S what I wanted to hear. Thank you. This Sandy Koufax seems legit to me...any objections?

I am now looking on my computer and a better view of the Koufax.  I do not believe it is authentic.   none of the letters in Sandy seem correct and the K is way off also.  

Koufax no good.  This is what a vintage 1963 Koufax would look like:


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