Is this Derek Jeter signature real?  Thanks for your opinions.

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I see a lot of good qualities in this one...I would say yes its good in my opinion circa is also a few other early examples to compare to as well...

here is a better photo

Anyone else see positives in this one?  I'd like to get a couple opinions if possible.

It would be awesome if Christopher Williams could pop in and take a look too please.

Thanks all!

I have looked at this ball a dozen times or more.  I just can't figure it out.  As CEE GEE says, there are some positives. But it kind of falls apart toward the end, and that is bothersome.  It could be real, its just hard to be sure.

Thanks for the opinions guys.  I dont know what to think on this one.  I was hoping some others would chime in but I know sometimes these discussions can be easily skipped over without seeing.


PSA/DNA has deemed this signature as: likely not genuine.

Hello all new here so hope I am going to the right place this thread seemed to be the more recent one I came across a "Jeter"  autograph it is supposed to be from his early days before landing in MLB ie circa 1994 but i dont recall seeing one like it before and I know he changes his sig some so wanted to post a pic here and get some opinions.

Thanks for any input

Jeters auto has changed much over the years..I will try to look for some early examples to post...

Thanks anything that may help, I did a PSA quick on it and they gave me a "Unable to render opinion" which doesn't help much.


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