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What NASCAR Autograph Do YOU Want to See?

Started by Brandon Mysinger. Last reply by james randazzo May 25. 16 Replies

If you have requests to see an AUTHENTIC example of a driver's signature or a certain type of variation, Please post the request here. I will answer with a PHOTO of the autograph ASAP. For instance,…Continue

Nascar Suit 40 autographs

Started by Christopher Taylor. Last reply by tim hendrickson Feb 27. 18 Replies

I did post this in forums under authenticity options as well.I have this suit my father and I got signed when I was really young.I still have this suit and am wondering how do I go about getting it…Continue

Dale Sr. - Anyone with confirmed Comparables?

Started by Lynn Wolfe. Last reply by Brandon Mysinger Feb 25. 8 Replies

You'll see what I have attached. …Continue

Tags: NASCAR, 3, Sr, Earnhardt, Dale

Brandon would appreciate your opinion when able Sir, opinion needed on the Earnhardt Family also Lee and Richard Petty Autographs.

Started by Michael R Stranak. Last reply by Lynn Wolfe Feb 21. 10 Replies

Hi Brandon, I hope all is well... I am pretty confident the Dale Sr. is legit, I hope, it's the Dale  Jr. Kerry and Kelley I would like to know for sure... Could you give me a Ball Park Value on the…Continue

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Comment by wjfranz (Bill Franz) on May 2, 2017 at 6:44pm

Glad to see some others on here.  I was beginning to think I should stop posting my items as I get them.  I agree with everyone about the drivers signing habits today.  It's reflected in the major decrease in driver appearances around town leading up to a race.  Appearances are almost non-existent now for the Chicagoland races.  Back in the day almost every driver signed through the mail too, hardly any do anymore.  I used to talk up how fan friendly NASCAR was, it's getting harder and harder to do that, at least for the Cup drivers.  They need to take a lesson or two from the King!

Comment by tim hendrickson on May 2, 2017 at 5:02pm

Glad to see some discussion on Nascar seemed to be awful slow....

their are some really good people in the sport...but some duds as michael mentioned below....i agree with his choices and can add several...perhaps they think it is all about the actual racing and who wins, the race on the track me, it is more than that...

i pay handsomely to sponsor a team, that gets me in the pits/garage .... i don't know people who can get hot passes for me for toasts my cookies when a driver is a really jerk about signing...just say no...don't pout and grumble...they and nascar will notice their numbers sliding and fans will choose alternative sports to support, particularly young people....look at who is going to races now...

Anyway...thanks for the discussion of racing....the group need some action ....

Comment by Barry S on May 2, 2017 at 2:07pm
You summed it up pretty good Tim. Nascar has turned its back on its roots, shut down tracks in the heart of their sport and moved dates from others. They ripped out seats from tracks that were full for many years, still can't half fill them. Many of the fans that do come are Earnhardt Jr fans. Doesn't look good for Nascar after he retires. They need to go back to the old Nascar, the new one isn't working. In a few years those rude drivers would love to sign an autograph.
Comment by michael bartow on May 2, 2017 at 1:18pm

Nice Tim, Yeah I know of 2 drivers who are like that and one has just retired (Not Jeff or Carl) and the other driver is the one when you add up 5+5 equals their car number. As for the king he's a great man. I've gotten his autograph on a couple of items at Watkins Glen for the sponsor smithfield who donates food the local pantry there. Got to love the one time getting his autograph at the glen. It was raining he was heading back to his car and the wife and I asked for his autograph. Told the wife sure let me get my pen as he's digging into his pockets he pulls out his can of snuff says to the wife please hold this finds it signs the pit roads pets book and says thanks for holding my can and takes it back nicely from her. Yeah getting the cold passes for the last 2 years have been hard also. got told last yr if the car your sponsoring is not there no passes allowed had to pay abit more down the line since they had to find another car to sponsor. got to love Nascar.

Comment by tim hendrickson on May 2, 2017 at 12:36pm

Another Ricmond Race is was fun and i did well collecting signatures....some of the drivers are just great to be around and okay with giving autographs however it is clear that some of them detest autograph collectors....that's fine...i pretty much know who they are and don't even ask them....they don't want to sign, fine with me...and i have no intention of ever being of fan of theirs....i like going into the xfinity garage and meeting/talking to the young drivers...they seem happy to get the attention and to willingly sign....of course if they ever make it big, i have seen good signer/nice friendly guys turn into real reluctant/rude signers and jerks....i think drivers often over estimate the value of their autograph, thinking it is going to be sold...looking at ebay, they aren't worth much...and clearly, race track autographs are not pretty, nor can the ebay autographs be trusted to be real, particularly the scribble type....and i have to say that it is not cheap to get a Hot Pass into the track.

You can see the changes in Nascar, losing their big stars, sponsorships drying up...I think the fans recognize it before the drivers...

So i ranted...and to get to the point of my post, I did pretty well chasing drivers, and one guy who i seem to always run into is a really class pen or not, Mr. Richard Petty, The King, is way up there on my list of great signatures and truely nice people....

Comment by wjfranz (Bill Franz) on February 4, 2017 at 7:27pm

Some of my new items from NASCAR the Cruise.

Comment by wjfranz (Bill Franz) on November 26, 2016 at 7:28pm

My new Kenseth adds from his Toyota dealer appearance today.

Comment by Steve on October 2, 2016 at 2:13pm

Btandon...I sent you an email about this card but never heard back. Does this look real to you?

Comment by Alex Westgerdes on September 21, 2016 at 8:09pm
Tim, NASCAR drivers are great and I thought the IndyCar drivers were better than them, but the NHRA drivers have both of them beat hands down. I did not see any driver turn down an autograph seeker. Even the drivers who saw me that Wednesday at the Fanfest were as happy to see me at the track that Saturday with my daughter.

But one of the best moments was back in 2011 at the John Force Racing Open House. One fan had 20 diecasts for him to sign and he signed them all. Not one or two, but all twenty. Someone asked John the possibility of them on Ebay and he laughed. He joked about that if all of his signed stuff ever hits the market, his autograph would be worthless!!!

FWIW, I got over 20 different signed handouts, 5 1:24 diecasts, and a JFR media guide from the 2015 US Nationals signed by Force. Add in a few pictures with him as well and you have one of the finest drivers out there.
Comment by Alex Westgerdes on September 21, 2016 at 7:55pm
I don't usually get personalization unless it is a photo of me with the driver. I got signed 8x10s of me with Danica, Schumacher and Force Hood. As for handouts, Gaughan did personalize one for me but that was after he signed my program in 2013. When I got Indy poster in 2010 it was personalized by Dario Franchitti, Will Power, and Justin Wilson. Simona deSilvestro also personalized at the Macy's signing the following May as well but no one else did.

Don Garlits asked if I wanted a personalization when I got his poster at Indy. I said no but got a selfie with him instead. Still a great looking autograph from the 84 year old legend.

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