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dale jr auto

Started by james randazzo. Last reply by Joel B Feb 29. 1 Reply

dale jr signed this picture at daytona july 2001,it is realContinue

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Tire

Started by Josh Apr 19, 2015. 0 Replies

Need to know if this is the real deal

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Autographs

Started by Steve Feb 19, 2015. 0 Replies

Do you think these Dale Earnhardt Sr. Autographs that I bought are Authentic?Continue

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Started by Teresa Cassidy. Last reply by PICTURE PROOF AUTOGRAPHS Feb 13, 2015. 8 Replies

I just started a discussion in the Sports Group, thought it may be best to post it here also.    I have 2 caps that have an apparent Dale Earnhardt Sr. signature on them.   I searched the style…Continue

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Comment by wjfranz (Bill Franz) on July 12, 2015 at 5:26pm

Here are a few of my successes from last weekend at Daytona.  I came away with some really great sigs!  The Fan Zone pass was great on Friday.

Comment by michael bartow on June 12, 2015 at 3:43pm

same with the glen. You really need a hot pass since the drivers are very fussy about signing there. I have been lucky to catch some drivers but mostly the nationwide guys. a lot of drivers take the back way in down behind the media center. if you fallow the area for the motor coach lot all the way around to the track side of it down by the media center some drivers I heard go in that way and have signed. some not. that is why I would say that track your better off getting a hot pass if you can. I'm looking to see what it would cost next yr for a team helping sponsorship deal for 2 hot passes for the 500. found one lady who says for 2 hot passes for any 2015 race your looking at $900 total for that which by comparison on ebay a steal. so far I'm looking to see if its 200 for a sponsorship for both me and the wife to get maybe a cold pass atleast for the second Pocono race. I was thinking of dover but then said wait for what the total cost just for the nationwide guys was I could ask her for the 2 hot pass deal. said hold off to self and wait for the big one next yr. good luck and I hope you get some good autographs that night.

Comment by wjfranz (Bill Franz) on June 11, 2015 at 5:47pm

Thanks for the advise Michael.  I have my Fan Zone tickets already.  I've been down to Daytona for testing in January before and had really good luck, just never been there for a race.  I go to Chicagoland every year and it is difficult to get autographs there without a hot pass, although they are making it easier for the stand alone Xfinity race there next weekend.

Comment by michael bartow on June 10, 2015 at 9:40pm

Hey bill. if you want to get the drivers autographs you will need a pepsi fan zone ticket. its where if you have seen on TV the 43 pit stalls and where fox does a lot of their reporting from. the last time I was there was about 8 years ago for our honey moon and for the bud shoot out since it fell on the wife's birthday. basically all 43 pit windows have an opening so if the window is open the driver might sign. down by stall 43 there is a gate there. when the wife and I went back in 07 some drivers were signing during the test session for the fans and got Mears, said and I don't remember the third one. Luckly, for the wife on her birthday for the bud shoot out Ryan Newman walked out the gate and she was able to get her diecast signed by him and even a photo with him. the security guard in the background I think was laughing his tail off seeing that. that building is the media center. Also along the back where Nascar has the template zone that is also another area some drivers have signed. Got Roush for the bud shootout back there. that is where the nationwide guys I think are going to be so you never know. The wife and I are looking to go to Richmond for the Night race in Sept has anyone gone to it and if so where should we both try and get autographs from drivers. enjoy Daytona Bill. we are hoping to go for the Daytona 500 next Feb.

Comment by wjfranz (Bill Franz) on June 10, 2015 at 7:32pm

I'm headed to Daytona in a few weeks for the 400.  Anyone have any tips for me?

Comment by michael bartow on June 9, 2015 at 9:58pm

that's what I heard. a couple of people who were with us on Thurs had to leave that night and get on the computer to register for it I heard. that is why they missed Kyle, matt, Jamie, Ryan and martin Truex that night. that's cool that he's atleast doing 2 auto's per person that day. I read that the fan thing he had a couple of yrs ago didn't go so great. so many fans wanted his autograph that he missed some things at his own fan thing he put on. Read that he would take so many people in at a time I guess in some sort of tent and they had to put their items down and he would sign it there but I cant remember is photo or no Photo with it. I hope you have fun with kevin that day.

Comment by Joel B on June 9, 2015 at 6:19pm

I gotcha i gotcha, thanks alot! I am also going to the Harvick meet and greet that is being put on by the fan club. Am guaranteed 2 autos and a photo with him, that will be prett sweet!

Comment by michael bartow on June 9, 2015 at 5:54pm

Well Joel the thing is with Fri there is 2 areas the drivers come up from the garage area to go out for qualifying. the best bet is to sit down near the Sunoco sign where the first pit stall is. I know a lot of drivers come up from that end and have signed. with saturday we usually hang out near the drivers motor coach lot. some drivers will stop and sign but a lot of times they peal out after the practice session and you wont see them till the next day. security shuts down that area around 5pm. with sunday the wife and I stood with the masses down behind victory lane club where the drivers come walking up from pit road. usually the wife and I sit in the victory lane club but we decided to sit down in the $100 club. a couple we meet there said they have gotten 10-15 autographs. If your ticket doesn't come with a pit paddock pass get it. the only way you can get to that side of fence is to use that ticket to get wrist band. its good for all three days. I would suggest on sunday to get down by the back side of victory lane by 9:30 and wait there. they use the bike fence to make a h*** for the drivers to come up and if you want to be up front you need to get there early. like I said some ahole jr fan was climbing over both me and the wife hopping to get jr's autograph.  I had to go and put our stuff in the 100 club after 10:30 because they had a Q/a session and by the time I got back they had the fence up and I had to stand behind the wife. luckly with long arms could hand up front the diecast. that is why Jr was able to take the diecast from me. If anything bring what you feel like you can carry with you all day. with Pocono now saying no re-entry unless its an emergency your stuck with what you have. that's why I only brought lite stuff with me on sunday. I will bring some more diecasts for the aug race since the wife and I will be sitting in Victory lane and not have to worry about people knocking our stuff around.

Comment by Joel B on June 9, 2015 at 2:35pm

Awesome Michael. I will be at the Pocono race in August as well. Have any tips for getting autos there?

Comment by michael bartow on June 9, 2015 at 12:17pm

well the wife and I went to Pocono again this yr and we lucked out abit with autographs. On Thurs the wife and I were able to get autographs from Carl Edwards, Matt kenseth, Jamie McMurray, Ryan Newman, Kyle Busch and the race winner Martin Truex Jr. Tried to get Kevin H to sign but he did a autograph signing earlier and said he was tired so he signed for maybe 6 people and took off. Danica forget it. she did a wave and took off. missed DW who came in earlier. Some drivers came in on Fri at the airport and signed was at the track. On fri didn't bring anything in with me since Brandon started the new rule of No Reentry unless its an emergency. Could have gotten Kurt, Kevin, Jeff and Danica. both Kurt and Danica signed back behind the victory circle after they took part in a axalta photo opt with the other Stewart/Haas drivers and hendrick. Jeff and Kevin walked down the inside of pit road and maybe had 10 people around them getting autographs. Oh well I say. On sunday since we didn't sit in Victory Circle and took the $100 club tickets decided on sitting with the Natives leading up to the victory circle area and brought with me 2 diecasts, 1 piece of sheetmetal from carl's old #60 car and some photo's and hero cards. On Photo's I got Sam Hornish Jr., Brad K, Jeff Gordon on a photo gave that to a kid who was a fan of his. granted the autograph is rushed and told the kid that that is the best he could do. father said thanks. carl I help a lady out with getting her hat she bought that day signed. she was able to get a photo of him signing it. tried to get kahne. No luck. will try in Aug since I have a feeling he will sign in victory lane area like last yr. got kyle to sign 2 monster energy hero cards this time. always wanted one of those signed. got a fist bump with jimmie. cant complain wanted his dover win hat from victory lane signed. will have to wait till aug. and then it comes down to Jr. Well dummy me forgot to set the dvr for raceday and if any of you guy were watching the fox sports one guy interviewed Jr down were we where. Well if they showed him signing a color chrome diecast that was mine. I couldn't believe it but the guy zoomed in and I was like holly poop my diecast is on National TV. so if any of you saw it its not for sale sorry. I tried to get photo's on Sunday with the drivers signing but I had one Ahole of a fan trying to get Jr to sign something for him and I wasn't about to get my work phone broken by him. he basically kept pushing himself between my wife and I trying to get Jr. Told the guy look he's past us and is not coming back. luckly nothing got broken like a cot car I had one yr while everyone was pushing to get jr's autograph a wing plate on Ryan Newman car broke luckly was able to reglue it. I will try and upload soon some of the diecast signed, photo's and hero cards. with the thurs ones some of the photo's are dark since the drivers came in close to sunset which was around 8pm and beyond. cant wait till aug to come and hope to do even better this time around. try and mix and match some things I want to get signed and sell off.


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