Hi All,

I'm going through my collection and I need to find out which autographs are likely to be real and which not - I am struggling with some so any help greatly appreciated - unfortunately there is a lot to get through. 

I know some autographs I bought I may not get money back for as I unwisely bought them from a local shop and its not likely I will be able to find that company again - I will recoup that loss but nevertheless, my question is, will I be able to get my money back through any means?

I have kept receipts / coa for all my autograph purchases but I need to sort out the good from the trash - there is a lot to get through and to take them to a reputable dealer / authenticator would cost me a lot of money for an opinion. 

Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated here. 


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I think your question is a bit too general for us to give you a perfect answer.

You know you can get at least some good opinions here. As far as refunds, it's hard to give you an answer as you likely have a range of items from all sorts of sources, good or bad. It's going to be hit or miss getting your money back on bad items as there are so many factors. I think you're going to have to be prepared to take a loss one way or another, and unless you want to pursue legal action (which is more money than it's worth), you're stuck with whatever the original dealer decides, assuming you can even get in touch with them.

Robin, I am sorry to hear this. Why do you suspect some of your autographs are fake? How many of which are you worried about?

I hate to be the guy that says this, but it might be best for your wallet and your mental well being, to just put it behind you and move on. Don't get me wrong, there are a few great dealers that will issue a refund based upon your concerns, but most will want the opinions of people that they trust. Many dealers won't issue a refund based on the opinions of third party authenticators, while others won't issue a refund without them. Every dealer has their own process and rules for accepting a return. You will have to first find the seller, then find out what they require for you to send an item back for a refund. Some of these required opinions like PSA DNA, JSA or BAS, may cost more than you have spent on the item.

If the dealer requires the written opinion of other dealers, UACC or AFTAL, etc.....that can get tricky too.....Dealers aren't always willing to do so, for fear of reprisals from other dealers.

If you have serious concerns with something you own, post it here, let the people who are willing to help, take a look.....if it turns out the item is fine.....no worries. If the item turns out to be a problem.....cross that bridge when you get there.  

great advice Pete

Hi Robin. You have been here for a while ,feel free to post some. If I can help I certainly will!

First off, AML is a great site and everyone has been very good to me with their wonderful and respected, accurate opinions and I have made some good friends. 

I think I will do as Pete suggested and move on from a bad exp. because at some point, you will recoup losses - I think the reason I got stung is because it might have been the case that I was a bit too trusting with some of my purchases and when I was a raw collector and I mean this only in regards to buying from a local shop. 

Also, I think that some of the dealers I bought through, should an item turn out to be fake, could have knowingly or unknowingly sell me a bogus item, because even dealers, to be fair, can get stung too and there are those who do sell bogus stuff knowingly. So it will be one of those two things. 

There are quite a few I am concerned about so I will go through my items and post the ones I am uncertain of, on AML. Thanks for all the help guys. There is a lot to get through, roughly up to 40 of about 100 and odd, which is quite a lot, but thankfully I have receipts for the vast majority, so in essence, I've worked out I should lose, in theory, no more than about £500, which is easily made back, later on down the line, so at the moment, I am reasonably happy. 

In future, I will just have to be doubly sure who I buy from as I have narrowed down who I buy from now as I find buying online has become trickier and trickier - but I will always ask before I commit to a purchase now on AML. 



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