Are autographed trading cards ever fakes? Not custom made by scammers but the limited ones that are included in name brands like topps etc. Im assuming they are real but find it crazy that people pay like 300 bucks on a little Tomb Raider card signed by Angelina Jolie or Dark angel Jessica Alba  on ebay when you can also find legitimate autographed 8x10's for half the price. Are they more likely to sell since they are directly from the big companies even though there is no proof included?

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Yes do a web search for, he has a few examples and keeps it updated

Hi Marc,

I want to say that the majority of the time they are good if coming from reputable companies. This has always been a topic that i have been interested in as well. I always thought they were all good but then it was pointed out some time ago that some of the signature cuts coming from some of the bigger companies werent good. I can think of specifically one beatles item that i saw that was discussed. But i have also read of several secretarials and autopens that have been found as well. I dont think their is a high probability of finding an outright forgery from the bigger companies, but i think that autopens and secretarials do get through some times.

As far as the high price thing, i agree, i would rather have the 8 by 10, but i think their are some collectors who solely collect these signed edition cards, which are rather rare at times, and thus the price is driven way up. 

Thats my opinion on them, they are definetly cool, but with my luck id never get anything worth while.

Thanks! I appreciate your thoughts on the topic!



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