I have the chance to get a Bono Autograph. It was signed after the Belfast Show 2015. My question to the "experts": Real or fake?

Thank you for your fast help, I have to make a decision very soon...

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This one has under a couple hours left, is definitely authentic. The price will almost certainly go higher, but you never know how these things will play out.


thanks for the link.... unfortunatly Larry is missing...! I thinik the price will go much higher...

Larry is the toughest one. I think he's been better on this tour, but he's usually the one collectors miss on. I've seen a lot of full band U2 items sell for over $1000 in recent years because of it.

ok, than it´s not really realistic for my, my budget is not high enough ;-) perhaps in 20-30 years...;-)

Still with just Bono, or Bono and the Edge might help eep prices moderate. They're the two best signers of the group by far.

One way to keep the cost down is to buy single signed index cards. I bought a set of four from another AML member and made a display with a nice photo.

Looks ok if I may say so myself and costed way less... :-)

I would pass on this one. The autographs are hard to see, but what I can see don't give me any confidence. You will never find a genuine fully signed u2 cheap.

ok, then it´s better to pick them seperatly on some more items? I hoped to get a fully signed item but I have to realize that it is utopian...

Here´s a link to a page full with examples of authentic signatures:


Compare to these when you find something, that may help you sort out the worst fakes!

oh, that´s really helpfull, thank you!

jan and bjarne know more than i do for sure, and they're two of the best on the forum for u2, but i agree, i don't think i've seen one authentic piece shown in the thread... eastlink is great for comparing to known examples too. hope you find the right item for you!


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