I am pretty good on Ted. Just want another set of eyes. I have never seen this photo signed

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I don't recall ever seeing Ted sign what looks more like a "G" than a "T".

The only reason I posted it. Everything else is spot on. 

I do love the crispness of the auto.

The end is a little unusual, the arc of his 's' not typically markedly higher than the rest of the preceding letters!

height, a,d,dots on I, no devil W,

T has me smh, I am ok with the S. almost looks like a hurried autograph.

So thumbs up?

Hard to tell on my PC monitor, I don't have ultra-crisp resolution, and I keep it that way, the contrast muted so I don't have to run to throw water on my eyes every hour, but to me, it looks like the loop of the "T" was redrawn. I can't see the track of that T's loop being executed in one stroke based on what's there.

Does it look gone over to anyone else?

The closest variation to Ted's "T" that I've seen. 

I am trying to get another couple pictures. 

I understand that this is a unique photo, but I personally would not want this Ted signature in my collection.



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