As first glance -- maybe good -- but perhaps a good forgery? 

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It's 100% Authentic, from an autograph book (around 1967) Had it Authenticated COA,PSA. Got it for less than $400,...guess the guy needed the money. One of the best Keith Moon autographs I've seen. Keith was Amazing!

Would you be interested in selling it for a nice profit?

I'm not interested in selling it anytime soon.  However, if I ever do, what would you consider a 'nice profit'? 

If you ever want to sell it -- pm me -- or:

Ok, No problem will be first on my list to sell to.

I will pm you if and when I decide to sell.

I think it's real, and as a Who fan I will tell you..I have NEVER seen a Moon signature that nice.

Here's a funny story. I bought 25 autographs from a store that doesn't sell autographs, but got them from an estate sale. There was a Ringo and Entwhistle...and I thought a Keith Moon. It was the usual Keith style, circle thingy. There were also old Hollywood stars in the bunch.

When I got home and investigated it more, I found out it was a friggin John Wayne signature!!!!  Part of me was happier upon that discover, because I have to think a Wayne signature is worth more than Moonie, but still a bit bummed, too

I would buy a moon signature yes, but with the other three signatures of the other band members :-) for me it's easy fake a one signature...

I do also have a Beautiful signature of all four members from an autograph book, signed on their Quadraphenia World Tour while at the Lyceum Theatre London UK , dated 11/11/73. (All on the same Page)

  To Josh Board... Yeah, but Its cool that you got the John Wayne anyway!

Here is one I own .I think this is also a very nice example of Keith's sig.

Yes, that is definitely one of the better ones....Hang on to that! - For Paul Hakimian



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