Hello! I am not only new to this Forum, but I am new to the collectors world! I have recently recieved some pictures from my dad, who recieved them from his friend, who was friends with Lennon! My dad's friend passed about 18 months ago and willed his whole collection to my dad which included woodstock memorabilia, John Lennon/ Beatles memorabilia, and so much more! Even a pair of his Iconic glasses! I found this forum while searching for Lennons signatures. None of them match what is on 2 of the pictures I recieved! I was thinking it was the person who took the photos! I was hoping I could find answers here! Thank you for any information.

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looks to be the photographer’s signature. Cool pictures!

Thank you! He also gave me a couple pictures of his friend! One where he is posing with KISS and one where he is with 2 individuals, and a suitcase full of unsold woodstock tickets! That picture also has an original woodstock ticket! It's just the beginning of my collection!

I don't know if this helps but I found one of the photos here.


Thank you! Yes I saw this but the signature does not match either!!!!

Perhaps you can find a copy of the book and there might be a clue. I'm grasping at straws but sometimes discoveries are made in the strangest places. Maybe you can find an email for Kishin Shinoyama. Good luck with your research. 

I am grasping at straws myself!!!! I am willing to do anything at this point! I will try and find a copy of this book! Thank you!

Could potentially be since the photographer is Japanese some play on his name using those characters. Seeing as the K is at the end that would make sense (if that is in fact a K) since 'first' name comes last in Japanese. 

Yeah that makes sense!!!!! That does look like a K at the end. It looks like a K and a D! I'm gonna keep looking!

Kishin Shinoyama took a series of photos of John & Yoko in the Dakota in September 1980 for Life Magazine. They were published in the Feb.1981 issue...

I wish you well with your search. There is a reason someone signed the matting. Some association. Personally, I have spent as much as two years researching an item that interested me. Sometimes it produced good fruit. Other times to a dead end. But the journey was always interesting.

I think the photos were taken in mid 1980...



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