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This is a ONE OF, Litho number 10 of 500 of the Tampa May 5, 1973 concert "the day the beatles were dethroned", which was sign by all 3 remaining band members and given as a gift to Deborah Bonham (have a personal letter from her confirming this).  

I saw this one on piece.Any bites?

LOL, yeah I put it on there to see what response I would get, had 35 people watching it and about 400 something viewed in in the week or so I put it on there, had an offer for $7,500, was asking $8,500 but I really had no intention on selling it, have to think here, when Jimmy passes, it's value will be double that probably, I don't need the money and it has personal value to me as Deborah is one of the biggest sweethearts in the world and her husband Peter (he is the guitarist from Paul Rogers' Free Spirit tour 2 years ago) are such great people with big hearts.

It’s a nice piece for sure.good luck with it!!

Thats an original Wallkill Woodstock poster, one of the few known to exist as most were destroyed when the venue was changed to White Lake, and yes, all the albums are signed including Jim Morrison, all 4 Who, all 4 Queen, an original R Crumb Big Brothers Litho (1997), all of the Eagle, etc.  Been collecting since I was 16

My walls are all full also.zeps sets,Beatles sets Floyd sets,morisson ,Presley the who ,Hendrix,to many to list

Can u show me a picture of the Morrison?

Hendrix.. NICE,  Sounds like you really got an awesome collection as well.  I have few Peter Max's, I like Peter's work, meet him many of times at his gallery shows, he's 84 now and he stopped painting and just moved his studio from uptown to 23rd Street.  If we ever cross paths we need to have a beer together.  And stay safe and well during this crisis my new friend.  Godspeed

A Jim Morrison signed Doors debut LP would be a MAJOR find. Currently there are only two or three known Morrison signed Doors LPs.

That’s why I’m dying to see it Ballroom!



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