Any thoughts on this one?


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cant see it

I can see it on my laptop and Ipad. Ok, the PAU isn't 100% clear but I think it's enough to make a judgement if it's genuine.

Edit: looking closely at it again, for me it's perfectly viewable.

good, then you can make the call on it. I still can't see it.

If I was 100% sure it's genuine i wouldn't be on this site. So my amateuristic call isn't relevant but i think it's genuine. Richard Booth apparently can see it too. But thx anyway for looking, my reply wasn't meant offensive.
I think it is genuine also!

The "Pa" portion isn't clear, but the remainder of the signature looks really good.

Bjorn, I think this is authentic. Tough to see because of the poor signature placement, but looks consistent with other authentic examples and the in-person signatures I have obtained.
Ok, thx all!



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