I found this piece signed by all 3 members and it comes with an ACA grading, I did manage to find their contact info and found them on Facebook to message them about it, they confirmed everything but I'm still unsure and was hoping for some opinions on this? Thanks! :) 

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Stay away!!! Fakes!!! Dave Grohl does not Signed his full name in 1993.

Krist is bad. I don’t even see Kurt Cobain on it!!!!

You really saved me lol thank you so much for helping me out here, I really think it was the ACA grading that kept giving me hope because it was something that I haven't seen with any autograph, you're right though if you want a legitimate piece you need to pay a couple grand, go figure though I don't think the ACA actually qualifies to be grading certain pieces like that and they don't have any reviews anywhere that I've seen and that alone should have been a big giveaway

some of the wurst ive ever seen also rule of thumb no clue what the were asking but if under 2k ask a lot of questions still no guarentee


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