Hey guys! I would probabaly like to buy myself for my birthday this Ray Charles autograph..is it genuine in your eyes?Cheers, Christian:)

Because Innuendo on this website said that his Freddie Mercury signature was fake...so I am curious..

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Why not. This is a direct sale from the person who got the autograph. Not getting a consensus off a forum where everyone is guessing means nothing. At least on this autograph everyone is confused but I 100% believe in Paul's story of who he saw and met during 1963 as I've got a massive body of evidence to show us autograph year took place. Its just this one single autograph so far that's proved problematic and that's how I came about this forum in the first place. I've not seen another Ray Charles autograph posted on here posted by Steve or any one else that can 100% stand on hard evidence and therefore falls back on the story. Unlike most including you I've posted my full name and face on here. So I'm not hiding. If I was a faker then I'm doing it in a very public way and taking part in forum discussions. I've got a couple of Ray Charles or which we may sell one. In the overall scheme of things this one autograph is no big deal in the context of the larger collection we are collating. It would have been great to come on here and find others who'd met Ray and who'd got autographs but that's clearly not the case
Paul's autographs fall on the same scenario, unfortunately!
To buy something that doesn't stand up on it's own is crazy.
Have you tried to consign these to rr auctions, where you could fetch big bucks, if they approve them as legit.

Yes I 100% agree, it does just fall on its story as I believe do all the other Ray Charles autographs. I've not seen a single autograph on here for Ray Charles which is not falling back on its story to back it up. I don't expect there is anyone that can authenticate to any degree that would be recognised without a lot of guess work or someone happy to just take the money to say yes. I've heard of RR Auctions via here but don't know much about them. I'm neither an autograph collector or trader except for this one collection which I'm selling with Paul cos he asked me to do it with him as he knows I've got a fair bit of knowledge and an interest in the live music scene through the decades in this city. On this one I don't believe anyone can truly say they are an expert and say yes/no. Paul knows he was there and Paul knows he got this off Ray but I realise to get it recognised by many it needs someone who wasn't there and never met Ray or never saw him sign anything to authenticate which is bizarre.  

I can. He NEVER signed ANYTHING.

As i said no real consensus on Ray Charles at all. Putting aside the validity of an individual autograph we've heard all sorts of expert opinions all saying different things. Bob, quick question. I assume you was with Ray on his 1963 UK & European Tours to make such a definite statement. What was your recollections of those tours? 

you don't have to be an expert to recognize the difference between a stamp and a live signature.

Yep okay!. What's your credentials I'd love to know. Your on here with a false image and false name. 

false image?  really?  you are really showing your ignorance.  Let me ask you, spinner of stories, what makes you think that image is not me?  What evidence do you have?  Did Paul tell you that is not my image?  You are really grasping now, but I guess if I were trying to sell a stamped signature for the price you are asking, I would grasp at anything also. I am done with you, your story, and your stamp.  And yes, that is me catching, a sport you are probably not too familiar with.

and I guess your parents named you terrier8HOF also. fake name, fake image. There are a few honest people on here with the their real names but it seems the loudest and boldest like yourself hide behind false identities. Mind you its a common trait of many forums where the loudest 'no-it-all's hide and mask their identities.  Steve should really insist on real identities with social links on here before you can join. 


You claim to have known nothing about autographs before you started selling this collection. There are a lot of people on this site with considerable knowledge who generously share that knowledge to help protect collectors. Terrier is one of them.

Your Ray Charles signed postcard is an obvious rubberstamp. It could not be more obvious. You just don't want to hear what he and others say, so you attack them.

If you feel as little about the members of this site as you say, then don't waste your time.

Thanks for that Steve. Problem is everyone is saying something different including you. I only joined this having trying to see if anyone else had a similar autograph of Ray and came across this forum. I've had some good conversations with some people on here whilst others don't mind taking personal pops at people and most of those are the ones who don't want to publish their real names and identities on here. I don't hide myself.  If you read my post clearly i said i had an issue with just those individuals taking a pop who hide their identity which you've stretched to something more. 

i have to disagree many said it was a stamp. But I am a total beginner for collecting Signatures thats why I wanted that you post the signature in a close shot so it would be better to see what the others say, But I am very happy for the discussion:) gained a lot of knowledge:)

I also would have liked that Paul joined:) But thank you for your pics and infos you have given to this discussion:) it made it more interesting:)



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