Salma Hayek Autograph. Real or Fake? From eBay seller All Time Great Authentics

Hello. I was wondering if anyone know if this Salma Hayek autograph is real. It’s from eBay seller All Time Great Authentics. From what I have seen is that they seem to have autographs authenticated by Beckett and that they’re part of the Real Autograph Collectors Club. Although, when I submitted the Salma Hayek autograph to PSA QuickOpinion the result was Likely Not Genuine. Any help is appreciated. 

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That is not even close to good.   I have 7 in my personal collection and have studied her autograph thoroughly.   That is an absolute fake.   Many sellers have a mixed bag.   The fact that it's not authenticated when they have cheaper signatures authenticated tells you all you need to know

They have a few of her up.   I think 2 are bad and 1 is good.  One signed in black is good

Look at that BAS authenticated Pacino.   They are a for profit business and often give big customers blanket authentication 

Yes that looks authentic.  

Hey Ahmad,

My brother and I run alltimegreatauthentics, and would he happy to answer questions about how our items are obtained at any time. Jason seems to have some pre-conceived notions of eBay sellers with signatures that don’t look like his, but we personally obtained this from Salma a few years back. 

In crowds a lot of celebs choose not to sign, and if they do their autographs become rushed and vary pretty significantly. This was one of those instances. 

You are incorrect.   I have the notion that if a signature varies enough from the usual that it isn't worth spending money on.  Apparently PSA agrees that it doesn't fall within the parameters  as the gentleman did a quick opinion.  In my opinion it looks off.  That is an opinion I will stand behind.  I wouldn't personally buy it but I have in fact bought graphs from you on ebay....I think the majority look good but I do on occasion see stuff in your inventory that looks questionable.

As someone who understands in person graphing I must you use hired hands to help you get graphs?  Giovanni aka Black Radio Man does and I have personally seen them walk off from AL Pacino and scribble on photos because he pays them per graph.   That is not a bad reflection on Giovanni because he is top tier.  Sometimes bads sneak in one way or another.  At any rate...nothing against you guys.   Nobody is accusing you all of being kitchen table forgers.   I just think a small percentage of your inventory is bad

There is an upcoming private signing with Salma at the following link

this salma hayek is 100% real. will show mine from all autographs ''paris'' racc dealer.



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