What are your guys thoughts on this?

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My thoughts are that you already know the answer, and it’s no different than all the other junk Jordan’s you post. If it’s not UDA or PSA with Jordan, move from it. 

It clearly has UDA Holo in he pic

Are you a troll

No I wouldn't waste my time. Just trying to learn but the people around here are that arrogant it's pretty hard

That wasn’t to you I apologise..it was to miller..I looked at his posts..he doesn’t have much respect..or experience..seems like a jealous child..also I know what you mean...

Thanks mate, I'm just trying to get opinions from people who are more experienced than me. I've learnt that pretty much everything non UDA or PSA is probably fake. But I know this one is authentic and wanted to see their opinions


Of course the Holo is fake, are photos I've got at the camp where it was signed fake as well? You tell me expert

If it was signed at a camp, how does it have an UDA sticker on it? I'm hardly a Jordan fan or super in-tune to how this works, but that doesn't seem right.


You're just a dickhead who thinks he knows it all. Truth is you think it's fake but can't give an explanation as to why there's a legit UDA on it. Thanks for your 31 years of experience, I think I'll have more in 12 months

We shall see 



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