Hello again guys! A friend of mines uncle got the Single Back Chat signed by Queen. He said that his uncle who died several years ago, visited in 1983 the Queens concert in München (Germany) and was backstage in the VIP section and there he got that signed. My friend is curious to know if the autographs are genuine cause i guess his parents told him that story but still he would like to know from you guys. What do you say? Thank you for your time and help:)

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here is the pic of the whole album..just tell me if you need the pic of Brian May..i did not get that one yet


hey guys..friend of mine wants to sell me this single Back Chat for 700 Euros..do you think this a good deal or should it be 650 or 675 because the marker lost its strenghts and is just only about 30% of its original colorong. What do you guys think? will the siginature freddie mercury be seen also after 10 years..or jsut parts?..is it also a good onvestment..if I ever think selling it to another Queen-Fan? And also the costs for keeping it safe that it does not loose more of the coloring

By the way here is also the signature of Brian May..it was signed on a different date..if you look dwon left..you will see the date..in 84 signed with ball point

and by the way guys..can anyone tell me which langauges did Freddie Mercury speak? I always have that on my mind and i forget to ask :) could he speak persian(farsi) ?some african or indish?Cheers:)

in which language was he talking to his parents and sister?:)

He only spoke English. His family only spoke English to him.

Really,,ohh would have been nice if he spoke also those other langauges..would have been cool to know then in which language he primarily thought,

But Mr. Innuendo i have read some comments somewhere maybe not here that Feddie had an accent when he was singing or speaking..

But how did he survive back than in India if he could not speak English? Hie parents also just spoke English or they just did not want Freddie to speak their own lnaguage?Thank you Mr. Innuendo:)

Freddie only spent 8 years with his parents before he was shipped off to boarding school in India (that was taught in English)and stayed there until his late teens when he moved to England with his family. So his accent would have had an Indian feel,but English was all he spoke. Like with my kids, my wife and I always spoke Spanish around the house to each other or to family on the phone (figuring the kids would pick it up) but as we only to spoke them in English, they didnt learn Spanish. Freddies parents only had 8 years with him in Zanzibar and it seems they probably just did the same as we did with our kids. Hope that helps. If you have any other freddie questions, id be happy to answer them (if I can) via private message as this is a site for autographs and I don't want to clog it up with freddie trivia lol

0k Sir!Thanks:) I just thought other people could ebenfit also from this info because I have seen many websites and they stated that he spoke many other languages or did not mention anything at all. I will ask these questions per mail now:)ok Thanks:)

I also thought maybe if there is a suposed letter form freddie where it says that he learned another langauge or is written in persian by freddie it can be turned automaticallly down..like the thing with switzerlandXp.okay i will quite it now

This item is 100% genuine
Interesting photo as well. The woman next to Freddie was Barbara Valentin. A friend of his that acted as a beard for the press in Mary Austin's place. Mercury was terrified of letting the public find out he was gay and Barbara was pretending to be his lover in public while his actual lover (boyfriend Winnie seen in the back of the photo) was asked to walk behind them while press were around. It was a different time... as someone with a gay son, I'd like to think times have changed and people are more tolerant now. Poor Fred had to keep things a bit more under wraps back then. Thanks for sharing the photo
Barbara and Freddie fell in love in 1984. Their relationship was love and sex at the same time. So Freddie wasn't gay as almost everybody thinks, but bisexual. With Barbara he would have sex with men as well in Munich. Freddie and Barbara never pretended. A gay guy would have never slept with a woman the way Freddie did with Barbara... Nice signatures by the way...
Not true. I've spoken with Peter Freestone about Freddie and Barbara on a few occasions and he said Freddie and Barbara never had a physical relationship. Jim Hutton also said the same. As a matter of fact, even Ms Valentin said they were just friends in The Untold Story in which she was filmed. Its also been confirmed via Crystal Taylor that the two were never physical and that Freddie himself identified as gay. The whole Barbara being a lover lie came from Lesley Ann Jones' book years ago (which has been proven to be full of lies by many in the Queen camp). Freddie was not bisexual. He was gay. He himself told those around him in the late 80s that there were no other women after Mary (also confirmed by peter and crystal). I'm assuming you're getting your info from the Jones book and the channel 5 docudrama based on her book? Keep in mind that Brian, Roger and Freddies mother and sister tried to get it stopped because of the inaccuracies. Get your information from people who were there. This isn't the place to discuss the man's sexuality so if youd like to continue, send me a message privately.

Well said!



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