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Pre Concert Autograph Packages: Why not, they sell everything else.

In this age of VIP concert tickets, pre-concert dinner parties, and merchadise that used to be just t-shirts and programs but now includes jackets, underwear, mugs, caps, jewlrey and even condoms (yes, I bought some KISS condoms at a concert in Anaheim several years ago), why I ask are these artists not selling pre-concert autograph signing packages? These artists are still on tour for many reasons, but seemingly those that are making a living by these touring bands will tell you a concert tour is all about the money. With that said, a pre sold, pre-concert autograph signing has the potential for big money and a win win for both fans and the artist.

For example, at any Star Trek convention I have ever attended I have seen William Shatner whip though a line of fans and sign autographs in what literally is warp speed. In other words, in just 60 minutes of signing time, he has made big bank. My proposal is these artists and bands sell a few hundred tickets, electronically through a website as a presale. In order to avoid scalping even these types of tickets, the computer confirms the purchase at the time you buy them, but only allows you to print them (via email) 24 hours prior to the dated event. An artists or band shows up an extra hour or two and as part of their entire preconcert festivities or whatever it is they all do (besides eat, party and soundcheck), they get paid to sign autographs in a safe and controlled and profitable manner.

In they really want to make even more bucks, they stipulate that the fan cannot bring items from the outside in, but must purchase the item they want signed from the concession booth nearby. Think about it: Rush, Robert Plant, Roger Waters, U2, Tom Petty, CSN, Eagles, Green Day or any of the biggies touring this year signing real autographs for real fans. The odds are pretty good that these people who purchased a pre-concert autograph signing ticket are indeed real fans because in addition, they also must have a ticket to the concert itself. With todays concert prices, that will indeed keep many of the riff raff selling autograph seekers away, and thus open up such a system, again, to an artists real fans.

An artists making even more money, and fans obtaining real autographs personally from the celeb while keeping the autograph seekers and sellers away. It just might work..............

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Comment by Robert Babb on May 17, 2010 at 3:32pm
It sounds like a cool idea Stephen!
Comment by Stephen Duncan on May 19, 2010 at 9:02pm
Thats why with the ease of today's technology, selling them through the artists web site, and ONLY being able to print them 24 hours before a show AND having to have a ticket to the concert would work real good.
Comment by Stephen Duncan on July 16, 2010 at 1:11pm
I continue to look at many bands touring this summer and there is a HEAVY push with these pre concert VIP packages. I do not understand something. If, there is big $$ to be made, or just extra $$ wanting to be made, why don't "they" (the promoters, the band, the management) offer a meet and greet and perhaps a 2 item limit of something signed? $2,500, $3,000+ just for 2 tickets up front, food and parking, and some take home goodies seems like a bit much. Now, hanging with the band, even briefly, and a signature or two, and my VISA will be Rock and Rolling all night and partying every day.


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