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Cory Wells of Three Dog Night: Thank you for your music, but not for the autographs.

With the passing on October 20th, 2015, of the very talented and beautiful voice of Cory Wells, the co-lead singer and 1/3rd of Three Dog Night's amazing trio of shared vocals, Pop Music and Rock and Roll lost yet another of its pioneers and hit makers of the 1960's and 1970's.

Though Three Dog Night has for over the last 20+ years actually been a "two dog night" (Danny…


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Autographs: Why Just Collecting "One" Is Never Enough

There are two questions I have been asked more than any other in my 30 years of collecting:

The first is, "what do you plan on doing with your collection" and the second is, "why do you need so many signatures from the same artists"?  I'll explore this second question as to how it relates to my collection with respect to "racking" or "hoarding" or whatever name its given when a collector obtains or builds a mountain of multiple signatures from a…


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Two "DOGGED" Night: Never Again!

Why I will never again support or pay a penny to see Three Dog Night in concert.

About 4 years ago I had obtained Chuck Negron’s signature on an 8X10 B&W photograph from a celebrity autograph convention he attended. Thee Chuck Negron being the original 3rd member so many years ago that was at the time, all three of Three Dog Night.…


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Robin Zander signs for fans and for charity in Temecula

"Everything Works If You Let It"!

As Robin Zander crisscrosses the country this summer on one of his busiest concert schedules ever, both, with "Cheap Trick" and his solo band, "The Robin Zander Band", he and his solo band mates stopped off on Friday September 12th, 2014, for an amazing 20 song set concert featuring a few of his hits, and many of R&R's most classic tunes including the nailing of Led Zeppelin's Dancing Days, at the Wiens Winery in Temecula, Ca. 

For the…


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Director William Friedkin continues his book signing tour

Director of such films as The French Connection and The Exorcist, William Friedkin continues to be the most generous of book, DVD and memorabilia signers at the many stops and shops that he has been appearing at.  Below is a photo taken May 17, 2014 at his 3rd stop in 2 years at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, Ca.

As long as you purchase anything that he is directly related to and currently promoting, especially his book "The Friedkin Connection", or the Blu-Ray of The Exorcist, Mr.…


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Grace Slick Art Exhibit in Woodland Hills

Though her manager was his usual very arrogant self, luckily Grace Slick was in a much better mood.  Even better, they arrived separately (and at separate times).

Grace Slick was at Gallery 319 on Ventura Bl., in Woodland Hills, on Saturday 9/21/2013, to display, talk about, but mostly sell, her very exquisite artwork.  What she wasn't there to do, was to sign any autographs. While her manager was making that point "very clear", he did allow me to walk around and view her artwork.…


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Corky Byer's Los Angeles Rock & Roll Autograph Show: BIG HIT!!

Very well organized, very spacious, clearly marked artists tables, and a pretty fair cross selection of some of Rock and Roll's best supporting cast of musicians and even those lead singers, from some of our generations biggest rock bands. This was the scene on Saturday September 14, 2013 (and Sunday September 15th) at the L.A. Rock and Roll Autograph Show, held at the Westin LAX Airport Hotel in Los Angeles. 

Though not every table was a house hold name, the house was still very much…


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CHRISTINE McVIE: Anyone seen her or obtained her signature lately?

I have  the 1990 "Behind The Mask" tour book that I got signed during that tour by Billy Burnett, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks and Rick Vito.  It needs Christine McVie to complete.  I am totally sick of looking at this unfinished item for the last 22 years. 

Does anyone have an address for Christine McVie?  All I know and have read, is that she is…


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A very lost chance to have an autograph from Davy Jones and Maureen McCormick

It might of been the only ever, public autograph chance to get Davy Jones and Maureen McCormick at the same time, in the 40 years since this iconic photo and scene was filmed:

Instead, it was not to be and can never be brought together again. It all was to happen last February 11th and 12th at The Hollywood Show, in Burbank, Ca. Already…


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BEATLES: For Sale -- Fully Signed "one of a kind" Piece of Art.

UPDATE (as of 9/8/2012): I have dropped the price of this very, very rare Beatles fully signed item to $20,000.00.  As an added bonus, if you purchase this item from me, I will give you a lifetime sponshorsip of your business and Face Book page, on my website.…


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I like to think of it as a museum, of Rock and Roll memorabilia

Two of the most enjoyable aspects of being an in person autograph collector is, of course meeting the celebrity, but almost equally enjoyable, is all the many fellow collectors that I have met over the years. Those of us who collect, share the frustration, the pain, the worry, the expense, the sacrifice, the joy, the surprise and the passion that autograph collecting brings.  Though many celebs are increasingly embracing us as collectors, there are still many that see us as a nuisense and…


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CLEM BURKE drummer of the rock band BLONDIE, keeps his word

Clem Burke, the long time drummer of the rock band Blondie, indeed kept his word to me about signing autographs.  On August 16, 2011, I met Clem while he was in attendance at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles for the Q&A/Performance of his pal, Nick Lowe.  Starting up a conversation with Clem, I indicated to him that I am a collector of autographed memorabilia, and especially collect signed drum heads.  He basically asked me, "well then, where is a drum head that I can sign?".  Not…


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Timothy B. Schmit signs at The Coach House in So. Orange County

Timothy B. Schmit, bassist of the rock band EAGLES, and a member in that band since replacing Randy Meisner in 1978, actually stopped to sign 2 autographs for me prior to his So. Orange County solo performance at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, on Wednesday November 30, 2011.  This very rare obtaining of an in person signature by TBS, was about as rare are rare can get these days as growingly, TBS has increased his "no signing policy" for anyone who he even remotely perceives as…


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Actress Piper Laurie signs at The Egyptian Theater

Long time Hollywood actress Piper Laurie, took park in a Q&A just after a screening at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, Saturday December 10, 2011 of her 1976 film "CARRIE".  The 79 year old actress still looking very beautiful, also took part in a book signing and autograph session starting off the evening.  Her autobiography, "Learning To Live Out Loud" is out and Miss Laurie is out promoting it with stops in New York on January 30th, 2012 and back here locally in Burbank at The…


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Nick Mason/Pink Floyd -- The Grammy Museum Thursday 9/22/2011


Thursday September 22, 2011, Nick Mason, drummer of Pink Floyd, did a Q&A at The Grammy Museum, to a room of about 150 fans…


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REAL AUTOGRAPHS are indeed alive, well and thriving.

We talk so much on these forums about all the fake autographs that are currently in circulation (as we should). However, please know that this is another RECORD YEAR for conventions, book signings, and so many in person personal appearances all in the name of real autographs that are indeed alive, well and thriving.



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A Simple Solution for Celebs Tired of Being Hounded for Autographs on the Street

CELEBRITIES:  There are two facts that are not going away any time soon.  Fans who want your autograph to keep, and "fans" that want your autograph to sell.

Spare me please while I get you a tissue for all your sob/sob stories of how you are tired of being chased, pursued, hounded, bothered, threatened, harassed, embarrassed, from all those folks that ask you for your signature whenever you stick your nose out your front door for anything from going for coffee or a meal  to letting…


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