Grace Slick Art Exhibit in Woodland Hills

Though her manager was his usual very arrogant self, luckily Grace Slick was in a much better mood.  Even better, they arrived separately (and at separate times).

Grace Slick was at Gallery 319 on Ventura Bl., in Woodland Hills, on Saturday 9/21/2013, to display, talk about, but mostly sell, her very exquisite artwork.  What she wasn't there to do, was to sign any autographs. While her manager was making that point "very clear", he did allow me to walk around and view her artwork. Words, cannot describe the depth, the detail, the usage of colors and the incredible resemblance to the artists that she has painted.  Her landscapes were amazing. I was simply blown away at her artistic talents.  Seeing her pictures as I have seen before provide no justice, to seeing the brightness of these paintings so up close.

Since the average price tag for her art flirted between the $4,000.00 (low range) to well up to $20,000.00, I thought it best to concentrate on what I really came for, and that was her autograph.

Waiting now outside for her to shortly arrive, I asked her before she entered the gallery if she would sign.  With a responding, "let's make it fast", Grace did sign 5 items for me (3 of which are pictured below).  She got her "jab" in by saying "these will sell fast on Ebay". I explained to her that I am a collector and preservationist of autographed memorabilia, and did give her my card, asking her to view my website once she got back comfortably home. Her final response to me was a chuckling of "I don't give a shi** what you do with these".

Grace Slick is indeed a living legend, and this is only the 3rd time in 30 years of collecting, and first time in 20 years, that I have been able to obtain her autograph.


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Comment by Josh Board on September 22, 2013 at 9:51pm

I interviewed her years ago when she had a gallery showing in San Diego. She didn't want to sign an album for me (I brought her solo album), but her manager said "Just sign for him." She sighed, but signed. She also wrote something risque. I think it was "Josh, keep doin' it, Grace Slick."  I did love many of her paintings. I hated the Jim Morrison one, though. The Hendrix and Garcia's were amazing, though. She also yelled at me when I said, "You did some White Rabbits, what about a tiger for 'Ride the Tiger?" She yelled, "I didn't write that song, that's why!!!!" The interview still went well. I think I wrote about it in Autograph Magazine back in the day.

Thanks for the update on her artwork!

Comment by Jon Kellogg on October 7, 2013 at 2:54pm

Nice graph for making it quick! Congrats

Comment by Steve Viola on October 11, 2013 at 11:15am

Wow, thanks for posting these.  I have had these 2 Grace Slick autographs in my collection for about 20 years.  I have never met her.  The LP was won with R&R and the 8x10 believe it or not was obtained through the mail.  Now you have me wondering.  The 'l' in Slick in my items has a loop.  The ones she signed for you does not.  The rest of it looks okay.  Any experts out there? 

Comment by Joe Alesi on October 12, 2013 at 2:14pm

Her manager/handler is a complete a-hole. Grace was showing her art in May at a gallery in Healdsburg, CA.  It was very relaxed except for her pain in the ass handler who kept flitting about and acting self important. The turnout was OK, but she wasn't really being deluged by fans. As soon as her manager saw her autobiography in my hand he tersely told me" She's not gonna sign that. " I personally think she would have had he not hovered about acting so protective and officious. I could have gotten her to autograph a piece of her art for several thousand dollars. NO THANKS. Instead I'm standing two feet away from her for an extended period of time and I can't get an autograph on  a book that I purchased that is her autobiography. Forget it!!

Comment by Joe Alesi on February 23, 2014 at 12:01am

Comment by Joe Alesi on February 23, 2014 at 12:30am

I got a second chance (or so I thought) to get my book signed by Grace, last night Feb 22 at a gallery appearance in Santa Rosa, CA.  Yeah, I saw the sign, but what the hell, she wrote the book, it's got her name on it and it's not "memorabilia" It's a BOOK! No way though. I was thwarted for the second time in eight months. I put the book on the table in front of her and with one on her handlers looking on she said: "I'm not allowed to sign it."  I won't even try to interpret the meaning of that! Then the guy says: "If you want to buy some art she'll sign." Uh, no thanks... There were like maybe two other people there who possibly had something for her to sign but they were spotted early on and told to beat it. I hope myself and the couple of other autograph seekers didn't cost her any sales by taking two seconds of her time. You might say I was in a "lather" when I walked out the door. God bless her pointed little excuse.

Comment by Joe Alesi on March 12, 2014 at 9:22pm

Here is my last rant (I promise) about Grace Slick not signing my her book for me. Two times in the course of a year!!

Anyway, here are two items currently on eBay which she evidently chose to or maybe was allowed to sign. But she wouldn't sign her BOOK!!


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