REAL AUTOGRAPHS are indeed alive, well and thriving.

We talk so much on these forums about all the fake autographs that are currently in circulation (as we should). However, please know that this is another RECORD YEAR for conventions, book signings, and so many in person personal appearances all in the name of real autographs that are indeed alive, well and thriving.

The above Facebook link provides a listing on tons of conventions and various book signings.


Celebrities are indeed understanding and cashing in on the thousands and thousands of dollars spent by fans at these weekend conventions or coming out with books and embarking on nationwide book signing tours. The win/win, is they make money and you and I obtain real in person signed items of memorabilia.  Sure, there are rules and limitations: Yes, you will not find Tom Cruise or Madonna, Paul McCartney or Johnny Depp at any convention any time soon and at most book signings there is a no memorabilia policy. And yes, the bulk of the celebs found at any convention are those whose careers may have all ready seen it's glory. However if you are a fan of especially vintage Hollywood, you can really build your collection with some living legends, and get many character actors from your favorite movies.

Yesterday I was able to add director John Carpenter to my "Halloween" poster.  Because of conventions and book signings, I now have John's signature along with PJ Soles, John Michael Graham, Will Sandin, Charles Cyphers, Brian Andrews, Jim Winbum, Tommy Lee Wallace, Nancy Loomis, and Jamie Lee Curtis all on the same poster from the film.  I would never, ever have been able to obtain so many of the cast without the assistance of conventions.

Conventions also spotlight many classic film reunions and bring back cast that otherwise is almost impossible to obtain.  Eric Shea is part of a reunion in Burbank at The Hollywood Show on July 16th and 17th.  Now you might say who cares about Eric Shea (or who even is he)?  However, if you are a fan of the 1972 classic film "The Poseidon Adventure" you know exactly who he is.  I need his signature on my film poster that all ready has Leslie Nielsen, Pamela Sue Martin, Stella Stevens, Carol Lynley, and Ernest Borgnine.

Real autographs are indeed thriving as so many artists are increasingly seeing the reward, be it financially, for their real signatures. Fans seems to have no problem waiting in line, spending the day, and spending hard earned cash all in the name of an authentic signatures. 




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Comment by Steve Zarelli on May 17, 2011 at 3:33pm
Thanks for the link! I "liked" it. :-)


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