Who is the most expensive autograph out there, at an autograph signing?

Once again, 2010 is indeed the year of the autograph conventions and autograph signings. Today, I looked on the internet and found autograph conventions in 9 different states between now and the end of this year. There is a HUGE Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August; "The Hollywood Show" in Burbank has shows in July and October; "Super Mega Show" in East Fairfield, NJ and Dallas Doomesday Shootout in Toms River, NJ both in July; "Steele City Con" in Monroeville, PA in August; The "Wolf's Den Convention" in Pebody, MA in October and various many, many others (especially sports). Pick your subject that you collect autographs with, and chances are you will find a convention nearby.

However, such convenience does come with it's price. But just how much? I know first hand that William Shatner is charging up to $90.00 per autograph, Patrick Stewart has also flirted with the almost $100.00 autograph charge (and $200.00 per a photo opt last February in San Francisco) and the always "friendly" Adam West was asking $50.00 for his autograph/$60.00 without an inscription last April in Anaheim.

Therefore the question is now being asked: Who out there is the highest of the high when it comes to charging for their signature? Time to kiss and tell, .....actually, make that wait in line, obtain and tell.

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Comment by Lou reves on July 1, 2010 at 6:23pm
Thats not much when you compare it to what the astronauts charge!
Comment by Jeffery Kite on July 1, 2010 at 9:07pm
The most I have ever paid for an in-person autograph was $125 for Bart Starr. He signed an 8x10 for me at Field of Dreams in the North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA. I thought that was a bit much, but I had always wanted to meet him. To get my money's worth, I took a football with me and asked him after he signed my photo, if he could throw me a pass, just one time. He ablidged, and we all had a good laugh. "I've never been asked to do that before!" I felt like an autograph, a picture oppurtunity, and catching a pass from a Hall of Fame quarterback was worth $125. It's all about value and getting the most for your money, folks! :)
Comment by Robert Babb on July 1, 2010 at 10:11pm
I have paid more for autos through dealers than in person being about 150 bucks. For example James Best would charge 5 bucks an item if it was not one of his while catherine bach did not charge a different time at a different time. Back in the spring i went to a car show and saw ben jones and he would sign 3 items free per person. I know at bigger shows it would be a diffrent story.
Comment by Alex Westgerdes on July 7, 2010 at 3:12am
Some of the athletes who do signings aren't cheap either. For example...

Willie Mays is charging $299-$799 (depending on what you're getting signed) for his auto at The National (nation's biggest sports card show) this year.

Emmitt Smith is charging $229-$299 (again, depending on what you're getting signed) at Canton, OH for the HOF Induction weekend. But the kicker is $189 for the "HOF '10" inscription. That means you will spend over $400 for a 8x10 photo signed by him with his HOF inscription. Most people can't afford those prices.

And to charge an extra $20-$100 for a simple inscription like "HOF 92" or something like that is crazy. There is no way you can justify that an extra 30 seconds of time to add a small phrase to an autograph is worth that much!

When I got Lou Groza's autograph in '98, he signed BOTH "HOF 1973" and "The Toe" for FREE with every autograph...and I only paid $3 for the autograph!!! Promoters would charge tenfold now if Lou was still around...


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