Card and signature are authenticated by Beckett but are the inscriptions written in his handwriting? 

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Damn. A rookie card ruined with all that writing. The signature looks real, but here's the problem I have with it. I DO NOT see Kareem writing all that on the card. It's just not his nature, and I've NEVER seen a signature by him, that listed his accomplishments. So that would worry me.

He got it from the site

I absolutely hate the new trend of having rookie cards autographed. It ruins the pure beauty of the card. When I was younger it was frowned upon to have an athlete sign his rookie card and if so there wasn’t any value to it. Now prices are going thru the roof and the hobby is saying “oh, what were you thinking not asking them to sign their rookie card”. 

Looking at his online shop your able to send in your own merchandise and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will sign and send back

5/6 selected inscriptions are listed and 1/6 custom inscription request

The weird thing though...why would you want him to inscribe all that? In my opinion, just having the signature is the best way to go. Unless perhaps, you have a basketball, and there's space for all the other accolades and no other players will be signing it. But that's about it. I mean, those tall boy basketball cards are bigger than normal, but...I'd rather see the picture, not all the other stuff.

Brings up the value alot. One sold recently for over 7k



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