Hi again,

Here's a Nine Inch Nails full group autograph, (supposedly) signed during their 2009 tour. This is when Trent was doing the "meet and greets" with the full 4-piece band.

Any thoughts on authenticity?

Thanks for your input!


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Hello man.
This differs a lot from the poster and the promo picture I have.
I'm afraid this is not authentic.

Hi Nicole! Thanks for the information. Regarding the poster and promo you have - did you meet them and have them sign? Yours are 100% "for sure, for real" sig's that you know of? Any chance I could see a real set of sig's of yours to compare? Once again, thanks for taking the time to write.  

This is what I have.
Unfortunately I have never met Trent IP, but before buying I asked a bunch of long time collectors if they're legit, and they told me they are.

Take a look at the pix below.


here you are


you can also google for Bad Witch postcard signed by Trent and Atticus Ross.
they were sold from an australian music shop in June.

If you would like to know more, you can write me in PM.


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