This beautiful autograph of Paul inscribed to....... Paul ended yesterday on an Ebay Auction. 
I really wanted to buy it. I really wanted it. It's so beautiful and unique.
And I also love so much the unplugged album of Paul. 
My highest bid was $586 and the item was sold for $596. 
What a painful loss. All week I've been waiting to win it. I'm so disappointed. 
It was a one-time opportunity to take a special item for a low price. It will take me a while to get over it.
The CD booklet also contains the autographs of Paul Wix Wickens and Hamish Stuart. What a loss....... 


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Same here!!! Did the same as you and ended up with 2 items way below my bids. 

The funny thing is the winner is probably saying “I can’t believe I bought this for so cheap!”   I only use a bidding service and put a maximum bid in and that way I’m never disappointed when I don’t win an item and often get items for far less than I was prepared to pay. 



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