Hi everyone, 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a topic to see if a vintage Natalie Wood note, written on the back of a postcard, I had found, was authentic. The answers I got were positive, and so I planned on purchasing it. These were the note and postcard:



However, when showing the item to Eric K. Longo, he told me it could be a pre-print, so I searched through google and found this:


The exact same note on the back of the same post card, only this was a different item, on a different website. Therefore, Eric's suspicions were true, and it was a pre-printed note.

I guess Natalie used to send these postcards with the same pre-printed note on the back to answer her fan mail. 

So to all of you who plan on collecting Natalie Wood, please beware of these notes, which could easily seem authentic, but aren't. Fortunately, I found out just in time.

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