As most people were, I was a huge fan. At one of his shows backstage, I had him sign the inside gatefold of the album. A great photo on a record. But since I hate him now, I'm thinking of selling it on eBay. My wife said people won't want it, and I should wait until he dies. Your thoughts?

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Exactly, Keith. When Vanity Fair posted those 10 things, their point was, everyone says "We will never know" and "He's dead now, so he can't defend himself," so they listed 10 things that we DO KNOW for a fact. And those 10 things are pretty damning evidence that he "probably" molested kids, at worst. At best, he showed them child pornography, and his own body parts, and slept in beds with various boys.

Two other things to consider. Why if he "just loved kids" did he never have girls that he hung around with, or let sleep in his bed? Just young boys. Also, why did he NEVER have a girlfriend or wife? We all know rock stars/movie stars, could have so many different women (and they usually do). Yet he never had one he brought to Neverland, or was seen dating, aside from a sham marriage to Lisa Marie Presley. Even his two kids, aren't even biologically his. They're white!!!

Now, if you're a fan of his music, that's fine. I love a lot of Roman Polanski movies, and I believe he raped a 13 year old girl. But I'm not sure why it's so hard to reconcile with the fact that he was a child molester. It's the same way it drove me nuts debating with the friends I played basketball with, that were sure the police set up OJ Simpson. The evidence just doesn't point to that, so at some point, you got to say "Wow, my hero was a very flawed person."



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