What do you guys think? Paid good money for this one, but I just have that unsettling feeling about it. Seems like it would be easy to forge.


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Met Chris and got his graph many times... and I don't like that example. Especially the Chris.  Not an expert on his graph as I didn't have to be (whatever he signed for me was legit no matter what it looked like!)..... but I don't think that is legit. 

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Thanks...I appreciate the input. I am getting the feeling that his autograph is one to just stay away from in general. Too easy to forge unless, like you, were there in person. The curve ball here is (if it is one) the one above is PSA certified. But what does that even mean? Nothing IMO. All it means is I will have no problem selling it. I am just not comfortable with it and you confirmed that.

This is one example I got it years ago. I feel it's legit.
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Yeah, that looks to be good.

yeah, this is a tough one for me... i've been studying farley for a good while, and he's very forgeable unfortunately. i've seen authentic examples that resemble this, but most of his authentic ones, the H in chris usually extends well above the C, and the move from the C into the H is usually not as wide as it is here, closer to straight up as in Luke's example. Here's mine for comparison as well.

Not saying yours is bad by any means, just wanted to give you something else to compare it to.

Thanks Jason, there was a "happy" ending to my story. I sold the Farley auto in the above post, I was convinced it was not good and that PSA made a mistake.

I ended up picking up a full SNL cast signed paper (which is obviously not a fake) for the same price. See below.


So I got something that I know for sure is good, and the garbage is gone.

glad it all worked out for you, James! that's a fantastic piece for sure! my farley is also part of a cast signed item:

Nice! That is a great item you got!

You were convinced it was garbage and, instead of dealing with it accordingly, sold it off to some unsuspecting chump?

How exactly would I "deal with it accordingly"? You can't tell a seller that you want your money back because you "think" a PSA item is bad. That's not how this hobby works. I did nothing wrong. I am not a forger.

How does one deal with garbage, you ask? Without going into too much detail, I'd certainly consider it poor form to dump it in someone else's lap.

Passing the buck on a "garbage" item shouldn't be A-OK under any circumstances.

Just my two cents.

this brings up a great question, and one that deserves its own thread... James said that previous item was PSA/DNA'ed. Their opinion was it's real. Some folks here, myself included had doubts. But I've also seen enough Farley autos to know that I'm not 100% in my assertion and I admit as much. It may or may not be garbage, who's to say? But asking someone to throw that in the trash, and all the funds that can recouped by selling it, I think is a tall leap. now if we all agreed that it was fake, by all means, you're statement is correct, but without clear and convincing evidence otherwise, I don't think James committed a mortal sin by selling it. Someone could have a genuine Farley in their possession right now, and have gotten a great deal on it.


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