What do you guys think? Paid good money for this one, but I just have that unsettling feeling about it. Seems like it would be easy to forge.


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Exactly! I should have read hwat you said before I replied, we basically are on the same page with this.

It may or may not be garbage, who's to say?

Going by James' own words, he was "convinced it was not good and that PSA made a mistake" and had despite this sold the "garbage" item.

I'm not on a high horse here, but the contradiction of these statements just took me aback.

But asking someone to throw that in the trash, and all the funds that can recouped by selling it, I think is a tall leap.

I may not like it, but I realize of course that it's technically acceptable to sell anything as long as it's certified (by a legit TPA).

It is PSA/DNA certified. There opinion is that it is real. My opinion, after research, is that it is not. One could easily make the argument they have far more credibility than me. Right? They are the experts! So maybe its real, maybe it isn't. It's all an opinion. My opinion was that it was not, and it was not something I wanted in my collection. That isn't me selling a known forgery. Far from it. That is me unloading something I am not comfortable with. The person who bought had the opinion that it was real. I am sure they are happy with what they got. That is the nature of this hobby.

Regarding James' argument about these so called experts PSA or JSA are true. I purchased an item that had a JSA full LOA and paid $5700 for the item and was deemed not authentic by a real expert who deal with a particular Political figure. It's all b******* paperwork that seems to infect the hobby and everyone seems to support their expertise. Will JSA refund my money for their mistake? The answer is "No". I have to suffer the consequences and eat all the costs.

Yep, exactly. You can do the research yourself, or you can find someone who knows just as much who will give you their opinion for FREE. They are only good for increasing the value of an item if you want to sell it. They figured out the game and they make millions off of it. Would you mind saying what political figure? Can't imagine one that is $5700.

I would assume that getting a TPA is sort of an insurance policy to protect an investment via ability to resell it again later is desired. Since this is a hobby of opinions, certain TPA companies have established themselves as acceptable. Yes, they make mistakes but that is not why they exist. Their seal of approval trumps our opinions. Right or wrong. It will always be an imperfect hobby. I say, sell your item. 

There are TONS of authenticators out there who are just as good as, if not better than PSA/DNA or JSA. An example is the Queen FB group. Those guys will give you an opinion for FREE and they know way more than Roger Epperson who charges quite a lot of his opinion. It's all about establishing a reputation. That guy from Early American Autographs can sell his stuff for twice its value simply because he has appeared on pawn stars. Is he any better than regular authenticators? NOPE. I found a bad item he sold, I notified him, he didn't remove it. Someone got a $2000 fake. The arrogance.

Opinions on this one? Old index card. Shows yellowing.C96169B9-5875-4E5C-A2C0-2CCD601F521C.jpeg

looks like an older sig to me, but looks good from what I'm familiar with.


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