Ebay seller Jessmk12, an Ebay seller of forgeries, recently sold the below Roger Maris forgery on an index card for a whopping $39.00.

This is simply a laughable forgery sold by Ebay seller Jessmk12 and it is reflected in the price.

Anyone who thinks they purchased an authentic Roger Maris autograph on an index card for $39.00 has to be delusional.

The "Florida" COA is from Showtime Memorabilia.

These "Florida" COAs never name the "Forensic Examiner" on their COAs.

Here is the laughable Roger Maris forgery sold by Ebay seller Jessmk12.


Other forgeries sold by Ebay seller Jessmk12.

"500 Homerun Club" set of forgeries sold by Ebay seller Jessmk12.  Worthless COA from Stephen Rocchi and his Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) group.


Below is a link to all "Completed Auctions" from Ebay seller Jessmk12.  

Forgeries up and down.


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