I've seen them brought up before but no one has given any real feedback and opinions of them. So does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, experience with Milcity Collectibles?


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For someone who supposedly collects in this area, In puzzled that I don't seem to have ever run across this person.

Honestly, I've been watching this seller on and off over the years, and I haven't come to a 100% conclusion. I've seen stuff that looks just fine and things that make me scratch my head. I've never seen the guy ID'ed in RACC or anywhere else for that matter.

There's another SE Wisconsin collector/seller I decisively caught mixing his inventory (authentic vs fake), and he seems awfully similar (and likewise anonymous). When I put the whole thing together, I can't recommend mil city wholeheartedly. It might be a better idea to ask about individual items to kind of get a feel.

That's interesting insight. Thanks.


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