I brought up eBay seller: this-n-thatsportscollectiblesplusmore  the other day and after going through his account and calculating how much money he has made on forgeries, I decided to call eBay yesterday.  After being transferred around, I finally get a hold of someone in (Fraud Resolution) and this person seemed to have knowledge of autographs.  

At any rate, I firstly explained my frustration with eBay allowing forgeries to constantly be sold on their site and how it seems that eBay has a serious lack of concern in relation to the problem of forgeries being sold on their site.

HIS RESPONSE: The Fraud Department does its very best to weed out easily identifiable forgeries and those of higher valued items by using Third Party Authenticators to look at items that have been reported.  However, it is the buyers responsibility to do their own research before bidding 

I then asked why Global Authentication is still an eBay approved authenticator with their reputation of authenticating thousands and thousands of forgeries on a monthly basis.  

HIS RESPONSE: I will have to defer on that question because I don't have an answer for you.  I will pass that comment along to the fraud department.  

I then brought up seller this-n-thatsportscollectiblesplusmore who has sold over 250,000 $$$ dollars in forgeries all authenticated by Global Authentication.  I explained that I go in weekly to report his items, yet they never get removed.  

HIS RESPONSE: In order for an item to be removed it must be reported by multiple eBay users.  

SO AFTER THIS WHOLE CONVERSATION, I feel that eBay is very passive on forgeries.  Based on this conversation, it honestly seemed to me that they don't give a rats tail if people sell forgeries.  

LET'S DO THIS...GO TO this-n-thatsportscollectiblesplusmore  and report every item you think is fake.  Let's just see if we all report if eBay will do anything about him.  He has sold over 1,000 Tom Brady signed Helmets and Footballs and I have reported EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  By myself NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER BEEN REMOVED.  Let us see if as a team, we can get action.  So go look at the autographs you feel are fake and report them.  Will it get a response out of ebay?  

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Reminds me of the account of Anastasia surviving the execution of Russia's royal family in 1918.  The 'proof' documents included lengthy details of the weather, terrain, buildings, furnishings and what the other victims were wearing.  But, no witnesses were identified.



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