looking at this very hard, so what do you think  does it look rite? Thanks guys

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Roger Iam no expert but it looks a little off to me the E and D in edwin?
100% real

Thanks Guys..


John would know better then me he has the material to check against, I am just going off know good examples, I have just not seen one with the Edwin looking like that? So did you get it?
no havent gotten it yet but looking at it real hard, thanks Louie
Good call on the variances, which this has. A hard signature to fake and not that lucrative, Rogers is real

Here is an example http://static.rrauction.com/content/images/larger/3228/3228410.jpg
Thanks John! I see that even better now. This is the time in history I really enjoY!
Me too Louie.....
John if I submit this to JSA in a few weeks at a show near my house, will they show it to you or will they make their own judgement, Thanks again guys I feel better about it


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