Elvis Presley and Lon Chaney Jr. sign with the same pen. No, actually they're fakes.

If not the same pen, then the same color pen. It may be the same pen with different pen pressure applied. Both autographs are coincidentally offered for sale by the same seller, piecepast2. Both have also been authenticated by GA.







The not personalized Wolf Man picture would be a great find worth thousands if they weren't... well fakes.

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Oh Yes, Kevin Martin.   No surprise.   A legend in his own mind....;}

Hi Mike I wanted to introduce myself to you since you have NEVER EVER dealt with my company before unless of course Mike Miller isn't your real name. In the future I am very easy to get a hold of and if you think I am a legend in my own mind please don't hesitate to tell ME that instead of in a forum where people believe your opinion is based on some factual experience with me when we both know it is not.

This Elvis autograph has returned. It was purchased by silverscreensignatures and is up for sale by them again. The cycle continues.


That's a green ink fine point felt tip for starters most collectors know that's what Loon Chaney signed with in the mail as for Elvis I imagine he used every kind of pen handed to him but these came from the same collection and many times when you buy long term collections you find the collector had a propensity to use the same pen whatever they liked or thought showed up well. These as you noted were passed by GAI as well so this appears to be another PSA moment bashing a competitor the entire collection was submitted to GAI who if memory serves me passed it all as being real if PSA is willing to write that GAI opinion is incorrect as well as ours I would happily refund on either of these if the collector is unhappy with them for any reason but the comment based on one of the three or four most well known ink colors is an ignorant one.



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