Examples Ebay Autographed Forged Derek Jeter Signature Rookies Card

I am going to post some examples of forged Derek Jeter "Signature Rookies" cards.

I am seeing more and more of these on Ebay every week.

These are obvious and laughable forgeries.

The one thing I've noticed on many of these forged "Signature Rookies" cards is that the forger sometimes used the same numbers (as an example 477/1000) on various cards.

As more of these get listed on EBay, I will post them here.

Make no mistake:  These are no-brainer forgeries.

This one is listed by Ebay seller Clspawnstarslaf.

This one is laughable and looks to be penned by a 5-year old.

This one is listed by Ebay seller Fourft.


The below forged Derek Jeter "1995 Future Dynasties" card was sold by Ebay seller PercyMiller.  These are obvious forgeries.  Who is buying this garbage!!!

This one is listed by Ebay seller 2006cardsbuyer.

The forged Derek Jeter is on a "1994 Signature Rookies Star Squad" card.


This one is listed by Ebay seller Percymiller.

It is on a "1995 Signature Rookies" card.


This one is on a "1994 Signature Rookies" card "Mail In Promo."

It was sold by Ebay seller Fielder4Mvp for $182.50.

The irony being that authentic Jeter autographs on this same card have sold for less.


The below Derek Jeter forgery was sold by EBay seller Probstein123.


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